On the first day of the Sumo Autumn Tournament, Asanoyama Oseki lost to Endo and started with a black star.

On the first day of the Sumo Autumn Tournament, Asaseki Asanoyama lost to Endo and started kuroboshi on September 13 at 9:58 p.m.

On the 13th, the first day of the Grand Sumo Autumn Tournament was held at the National Sports Hall in Both Tokyo, and while the two yokozuna of Hakuho and Tsururyu were closed, Oseki Asanoyama lost to Endo and started with a black star.
It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

Asashoryu, the former Yokozuna of the former Yokozuna, won the game against Ichino Castle and decorated the first day with a white star.

The Great Star and Mt. Matsutake are pushed out by the Great Star.

Shimanoumi is a white star start with Shosaru winning by cutting it off to Shosaru of the new inmaku.

On the Katsumine, Myo is built in by The Katsumine.

The shogi chrysanthemum is cut off by the shogi chrysanthemum.

Chiyo Dairyu is the first to be hit by Chiyo Dairyu.

Abusaki is pushed down by Abusaki in the sea of Shibata.

Wakatakakei won the game by pushing out Wakatakakei.

Tokukatsu Ryu is cut off by Ryuden.

Shine is pushed down by the brilliance of Mt. Sasayama.

Takarafuji is close to Takayasu.

Mt. Kirima is cut off by Mt. Kirima.

Teru strength is cut off by Teru strength in Mt. Toyoyama.

Myogiryu is pushed out by Myogiryu in the sea of Oki.

Kashiwa Shinsekiwaki Daieisho and Tamasa are pushed down by Tamasa.

Sekiwaki MitakeUmi is pushed out by the Mitaka Sea to The North Katsufuji.

Masayo Sekiwaki’s victory over Masayo Tsujiseki was pushed out by Masayo.

Takakagekatsu Oseki beat Terunofuji, who won the championship in the last place.

Endo pitches to Asanoyama in Asahi Oseki. Asanoyama suffered a black star on the first day.

The discourse of the first day of the autumn place

Toyoshoryu of the new curtain said to Hakusei on the first day, “I was thinking about going out in front. I was able to concentrate well, so I’m glad we won. I’d like to do my best not to get hurt.”

The great star who returned to the Makuuchi continued to go out from the stand and gave the white star, and said, “It’s still the first day, so we have to keep doing this. I want to win the game,” he said with a goal, “I’ll do my best to avoid anything ingest in the day.”

Shosaru also told Hakusei on the first day of the new show, “I hope I can get sumo to cheer up the customers who come to see me and the people in front of the TV.”

Oseki’s experienced kiku showed a smile, “I was able to step in firmly, and it was a good flow and a good atmosphere.” Regarding the fact that the autumn place was also welcomed in a difficult adjustment, such as being banned due to the influence of the new coronavirus, he said, “I want to pursue my sumo and think about how I can communicate my strength to the opponent.”

This place is the ninth flame in front of him, and he said to the defeated sumo wrestler, “I was so angry with each other. I did the best thing I shouldn’t have done in the worst sumo tournament. Well, it’s the worst sumo wrestling ever. One day is the game, so sumo like today is frustrating and disrespectful to people watching, so I want to do my best to get better sumo.” As for the only appearance from Miyagino Room to which I belong, he expressed his determination, “I’ve been helped by Yokozuna and Ishiura Seki so far, so I want to prove that I can do this place by myself, and I want to do my best for the two of us.”

Masayo Sekiwaki, who won 11 games in the first place, oversled the white star with a single attack and said, “It was the first day, so I was nervous and I’m glad we got a good stand. I think I was able to play sumo in front of me as I had in mind.” At this point, Sekiwaki became three people and told the other two, “I’m a sumo wrestler who is close to my generation, so I don’t want to lose. If I can get my own sumo, I think I’ll get some grades, so I’m focusing on taking my own sumo.”

Sekiwaki Mitakeumi, who also won 11 games in the last place, said, “I think it was good. We were able to get out in front of them, so it’s our first day, so we have to work hard from here.” When asked about his thoughts on Oseki, he said, “Well, that’s something I should think about secretly.”

Takakatsu Oseki, who beat Terunofuji, the winner of the last place, and started off with a white star, did not respond to the press’s online coverage.

On the other hand, Terunofuji, who was defeated, said, “I got a little lost in the standing and got half-hearted. I play sumo at the top level, but nothing changes. I’ll just do what I can. The destination is the destination place, the current place is now the place, I do not think how, today. I want to play sumo so that I can focus on the first place tomorrow and lead to the next place.”

Asayama Oseki said, “I was in a hurry to attack, and I was in a hurry. I lost today, but I want to switch tomorrow and take my sumo wrestling.”

Koyu Endo, who defeated Asanoyama, said, “I’m glad we won. I just focused on today’s first thing without thinking too much about the details. I want to do my best again from tomorrow.”