Takako Tokiwa, the secret story of the final episode of “Beautiful Life” “I haven’t seen it so I don’t know”

Actress Takako Tokiwa will appear as a guest on TBS Radio “Saturday Wide Radio TOKYO Nights’ Chakichaki Daibyo” (every Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00). I looked back on the 2000 TBS drama “Beautiful Life” that I co-starred with Takuya Kimura. Takako Tokiwa Tokiwa said, “I can’t easily see the final episode of my drama. (The drama that appeared) I watch it to check if the line has been cut somewhere in the middle, but the final episode I don’t usually watch it because I don’t need to check it, so I don’t know what’s going on (in the final episode). ” “At the end of’Beautiful Life’, I went to a cafe by the sea. So I asked for cheesecake and told the aunt at that cafe,’That, Kimura-kun also ate two surfers.’ I heard that Mr. Kimura is also a surfer, so when I thought that he was in the sea, it was actually the location of the last scene of the final episode of “Beautiful Life”. I haven’t seen it. I didn’t know (laughs) “. In addition, Tokiwa revealed that Kimura’s acting is “ad-lib-like.” However, he said, “Honestly (in the case of’Beautiful Life’), I didn’t notice the ad lib,” he said. “Later, the record and the director said,’You can keep up with me.'” What do you mean? ” When I heard that, “Kimura-kun’s dialogue is out of order.” I’m replying to what I’m told, so even if the order is a little different, I don’t know if the story is flowing or flowing. I was allowed to follow the flow of Mr. Kimura. ” The program can be listened to on radiko within a week after the broadcast (only for Premier members outside the area).