AMEMIYA thanks for close contact with “Deep Good Story” 3 years ago, flooded with job requests after broadcasting

Comedian AMEMIYA made a guest appearance on Nippon Television’s talk show “Intro” (every Sunday from 25:25), which was broadcast on the middle of the night on the 13th, and was closely associated with the same station variety show “Life changes” three years ago. I looked back on “One Minute Deep Good Story” (every Monday from 21:00). AMEMIYA = AMEMIYA, who was busy working in sales, made a breakthrough with the song material of “Chilled Chinese started” provided by NTV. “Deep good story” approaches the sincerity of facing work such as “what kind of attitude you are doing and what kind of feeling you are making (material)”, “My wife is pregnant and closely adheres to childbirth He said. ” After this broadcast, it seems that there was a flood of work requests, and AMEMIYA sang an original song with gratitude and affection for “Deep Good Story”. “♪ Don’t miss the” deep love “that not only gives a deep conviction to what you see by shining light on places where it is hard to hit, but also that the close-up shadows shine on your own.” After that, AMEMIYA also performed a song dedicated to MC Machiko Sato announcer. Anna Sato said, “I’m so happy because I can feel that you’ve done so much research!” To the interviewing ability that includes detailed episodes such as “♪ I started cold udon noodles at a convenience store for lunch”! I was very impressed. Machiko Sato Anna (left) and AMEMIYA = same