An old private house in Yamanashi is a private inn for a limited use! You can enjoy meals and bonfires in the hearth.

From September 10th, Rufu is a hotel that rents an old private house in Yamanashi Prefecture, “Rufu Sawanoya” (Ashigawa Town), “Rufu Shonoya” (Minobu Town), “Rufu Okanoya” “(Makioka Town) opened 3 stores. Since the facility is a one-building rental inn limited to one group per day, you can enjoy an extraordinary space experience without worrying about contact with other guests. You can experience a bonfire, a meal in the hearth, and a letter that arrives a year later at all the hotels that rented an old private house in Yamanashi Prefecture. “House” is a calligraphy using Japanese paper and inkstone made in the area, and “Rufu Okanoya” can experience plant dyeing. “Rufu Shonoya” where you can experience meals in the hearth at all inns, where you can experience calligraphy using locally made Japanese paper and inkstone “Rufu Okanoya” where you can experience plant dyeing “with Corona” As a new standard model of hotels in the times, from check-in to check-out, complete non-contact service experience, extraordinary experience activities that can be completed in the inn, sightseeing on holidays, work on weekdays, etc. I want you to enjoy the type of community experience.