Fuji Joshiana calendar, full-length company building shooting with corona measures Anna Nagashima “On the contrary, novel!”

It has been decided that the 8th edition of the “Fuji TV Women’s Announcer Calendar”, the 2021 edition, will be on sale from October 6th. Cover of “Fuji TV Female Announcer Calendar 2021” = Provided by the same station This year, the title is “Fuji TV Female Announcer Calendar 2021 ~ Welcome to Fujitelevision ~” (2,300 yen), and the theme is “Welcome to Fuji TV!”. Reina Uchida, Mana Mikami, Yumi Nagashima, Yoko Ozawa, Yuka Niimi, Manami Miyaji, Yui Suzuki, Reimi Tsutsumi, Ako Nagao, Yuka Ebihara, Akiko Kuji, Inoue, led by announcer Satoshi Miyazawa, who has been in the company for nine years. Seika, Chihiro Sugihara, Marino Fujimoto, Minami Sakuma, Nagisa Watanabe and all the junior announcers participated. A total of 17 female announcers will appear gorgeously. Shooting was done on All Fuji TV, such as in and around the company building in Daiba, Tokyo. The calendar is set in the workplace that you are accustomed to, and is filled with the relaxed and natural expressions of the announcers. Mana Mikami is in charge of production, and Chihiro Sugihara is in charge of costumes for the first time to challenge the production. From the concept and shooting location to styling and makeup, I was enthusiastically involved in the production to maximize the appeal of female announcers, which are not usually seen on TV, and the appeal of Fuji TV. Comments from Yuka Niimi (left), Yumi Nagashima, Mana Mikami (left), Yoko Ozawa, Akiko Kuji, Seika Inoue, Yui Suzuki (left), Manami Miyaji, Mana Mikami, Anna Nagashima, and Anna Miyaji. Is as follows.

■ Mana Mikami Anna

――What are your thoughts on this calendar, which you participated in for the first time as a producer? The concept is to let you know about Fuji TV, where we usually work! It would be great if you could make various discoveries on Fuji TV, saying that there is such a place other than the studio! It was the first challenge for the producer, but with the help of announcer Chihiro Sugihara, who is in charge of costumes, and everyone else, the calendar was wonderful. –About the highlights of the calendar. Because of this difficult time, I want to make the calendar warm, so I receive handwritten messages from each announcer and post it. Every time I turn the calendar, I feel the warmth of the words, and I would be happy if I could engrave the important time of every day with you.

■ Yumi Nagashima Anna

–Impression of calendar shooting <. / span> When I heard that “the whole story was taken in the office building”, I thought “this is novel!” I was in charge of January, but the entrance object at the shooting location was designed with the old Fuji TV logo “8”, and it was just a “Welcome to Fuji TV!” –About the highlights of the calendar. The highlight is the “natural facial expressions” of the announcers! Because it is in-house, everyone relaxed and took pictures. I would like you to pay attention to the facial expressions that are different from each OA. –Thoughts in the handwritten message. Every morning, at the end of “Mezamashi TV”, I wrote an important message that I convey with all my heart. Right now, I can only say “Have a nice day today”, but I hope that one day I will be able to see you off again.

■ Miyaji Manami Anna

–Impressions of calendar shooting. I was in charge of October. I took a picture at a bookstore in the company, but the familiar place I always go to was transformed into a calendar stage! Also, this time, a junior who works with “S-PARK” , I formed a combination with Yui Suzuki announcer, but I think my breath was perfect (laughs). We both have several books, but we were able to enjoy shooting through trial and error, such as the colors that look good in the picture and the right number of books. –About the highlights of the calendar. Last year it was set in “Odaiba”, and this year it was set in “Fuji TV”. There are many places that are hard to see except for those who work in the company! I hope you can feel familiar with us announcers working in such places. –Thoughts in the handwritten message. I myself like reading books very much, and I try to pick up books of various genres on a daily basis. I wrote a message with the feeling that “Autumn of reading”, I hope everyone will have an encounter with a wonderful book. (C) Fuji TV