South Korean ex-comfort women support group prosecutors indict ex-president at home

South Korean ex-comfort women’s support group prosecutors indict former president at home September 14 at 6:47 p.m.

South Korean prosecutors indicted a ruling party member of parliament at home on charges including violation of the Subsidy Management Act, which defrauded a ruling party member of parliament of about 33 million yen in Japanese yen, accusing him of unclear use of donations to former comfort women.
In May, a 91-year-old former comfort woman criticized the operation of a support group for former comfort women in South Korea, and several civil society groups accused the use of donations as unclear.

For this reason, the Seoul Western District Public Prosecutor’s Office conducted an investigation, including the search of the office, and announced on April 14 that it had indicted Yoon Mihyan, a member of the diet of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, who was the previous chairman of the support group, at home.

As a result, Yun is charged with violating the Subsidy Management Act, which defrauded the government and local governments of approximately 370 million won (approximately 33 million yen in Japanese yen) through false applications, and embezzlement of more than 100 million won (approximately 9 million yen in Japanese yen), including donations raised through bank accounts in his own name.

While Yun has been asked about the situation on two voluntary charges, he has completely denied a series of allegations, including that there has been no personal misappropriation at press conferences.

Mr. Yun has been at the fore for many years in calling for an apology and reparations for former comfort women, including holding weekly protest rallies against the Japanese government around the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.

Councillor Yun “regrets the indictment at home”

In response to his indictment at home, Yun posted a comment on his Facebook page.

In this, Mr. Yun said, “We received the subsidy in accordance with the established procedures. I’ve never used it privately.”

On top of that, he expressed his regret that the prosecution had forced the indictment at home despite responding to the investigation in good faith.

He also emphasizes the idea of continuing his activities as a member of the Diet, as he “faithfully fulfills his role as a member of the Diet and will do his best to overcome national difficulties.”