Trying to expel Yuji Oda using Kotaro Yoshida and Shinya Kote … “SUITS2”

The 10th episode of the Fuji TV drama “SUITS / Suit 2” (every Monday from 21:00) starring Yuji Oda will be broadcast today. As a result of voting by Shinya Kote (left) and Kotaro Yoshida = senior partner provided by Fuji TV, Uesugi (Kotaro Yoshida) will replace Chika (Honami Suzuki) as the head of “Yukimura Uesugi Law Office”. became. “Thank you for entrusting us with the future of the farm.” When Uesugi greeted him, he stopped Kai (Oda) first and called out to work hard together as a companion from now on. However, contrary to such words, Uesugi changed Kai’s office to the lower floor and started planning to expel Kai from the farm using Kanie (Shinya Kote). Meanwhile, Daisuke (Yuto Nakajima), who had just lost his beloved grandmother Yui (Reiko Tajima), was absorbed in his work as if he had escaped from his sadness. Makoto (Yuko Araki) is worried about Daisuke when she learns about Daisuke’s deep sorrow. Daisuke hadn’t talked to Kai and Tamai (Anne Nakamura) about her grandmother yet. Kanie, the associate mentor, ordered Daisuke not to help Kai’s work, and forced Kai to do some chores. The next day, Yui’s funeral will be held. Makoto visits Daisuke’s mansion, persuades Daisuke who was unable to prepare anything, and takes him out. Daisuke was supposed to greet in front of the attendees. However, just before that, Daisuke worries that he cannot talk to people who are not familiar with his grandmother. Daisuke’s childhood friend and ex-girlfriend Rei (Ayako Yoshitani) came over there … (C) Fuji TV