U.S. OP Wheelchair Tennis Kunieda Wins Women’s Doubles

U.S. OP Wheelchair Tennis Kunieda Wins Women’s Doubles, Uechi V9/14 5:58

Shingo Kunieda beat a British player to win his seventh championship in five years in the men’s singles final in the wheelchair section of the U.S. Open, the four major tennis tournaments. Yui Uechi also won the women’s doubles.
On the 13th of the last day of the U.S. Open, the final of the men’s singles was held in the wheelchair section, and Kunieda, ranked No. 1 in the world, faced England’s Alfie Hugh wet in third place in the world, who had won two consecutive championships.

Kunieda took the first set 6-3, but in the second set he made a mistake in the end and dropped it 3-6.

In the third set of the final, they showed a variety of shots and tenacity on the ball to take the lead for a time, but they were caught up by the opponents with a hard hit.

The match ended in a tie-break, but Kunieda took it 7-6 and won the close game with a set count of 2 to 1 to win the championship for the seventh time in five years.

Kunieda lost to Hugh Wet for the third year in a row at the U.S. Open, but he was humiliated.

In the singles of the four major tournaments, Kunieda won the championship following the Australian Open, and the total number of championships was “24”.

Meanwhile, in the women’s doubles, Uechi, who was runner-up in the singles, teamed up with British player Jordan Wiley to reach the final, defeating the Dutch pair 6-3, 6-3 to win the doubles title for the third time in two years.