Worst generation x comedy 7th generation, EXIT and Miki are comics with “ONE PIECE”

To commemorate the release of 97 volumes of Eiichiro Oda’s “ONE PIECE” on September 16, EXIT and Miki will freely use the characters and illustrations of the same work to create a comic book “Super Dimensional Manzai” on YouTube. Published in. In Volume 97 of “ONE PIECE”, an episode is developed in which new generation pirates such as Luffy, Kid, and Law, who are called the “worst generation”, fight together to confront the old generation, the four emperors Kaidou and Big Mom. Shueisha, who found the commonality of the composition that “the new generation is challenging the old generation and trying to change the world” to EXIT and Miki, who are called the 7th generation of comedy, offered to appear, and both groups made Resonating with the similarities between the inside and the actual situation, we came to a collaboration. There are a total of 6 videos, one centered on comics and three videos centered on talk. Since EXIT’s Daiki Kanechika and Miki are big fans of “ONE PIECE”, the video is full of deep understanding and love for the work. On September 16th, the 9th illustration collection “TIGER” of “ONE PIECE” and Mook “ONE PIECE magazine Vol.10” will be released at the same time.