Application starts from the 15th of the university entrance examination “Comprehensive selection” Request for consideration to the examinee

University entrance examination “Comprehensive selection” start application from 15 September 15th 5:34

Applications for the Comprehensive Selection, which will be the start of the university entrance examination to be held this year, will begin on the 15th. Since the effects of the new coronavirus are spreading, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) is asking universities to give consideration to their students.
As a result of the university entrance exam reform, the conventional “AO entrance examination” will be changed to “comprehensive selection” from this fiscal year, and in addition to interviews, essays, club activities and student association activities, academic achievement tests will also be imposed, and more multi-faceted evaluations will be required.

Originally scheduled for the first day of this month, applications will begin on the 15th, postponed for two weeks due to prolonged school holidays due to the new coronavirus.

This year, since the competitions, qualifications, and examinations for club activities to be evaluated have been canceled one after another, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) is asking each university to consider making it possible for students to describe processes and efforts as well as results, and to allow applications up to the second year of high school.

In addition, as more and more universities are online for interviews, we are seeking to secure opportunities for entrance examinations so that certain examinees are not disadvantaged by differences in the communication environment or technical problems.

The announcement of the passing of the “Comprehensive Selection” is scheduled to be held after November.