Chairman Kim visits the site of the recovery of heavy rain damage.

Chairman Kim Visits the Recovery Site for Heavy Rain Damage Smooth Recovery Appeal or September 15 at 9:43 AM

In North Korea, where heavy rains and successive typhoons have caused damage in various parts of the country, Kim Jong-un, chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, is likely to inspect the newly built houses and appeal that restoration is progressing smoothly.
In North Korea, from last month to this month, heavy rain and three typhoons landed one after another, causing damage such as houses and farmland being hit by water in various places.

Against this background, the Workers’ Newspaper of the Workers’ Party of Korea reported that Chairman Kim Jong-un visited a village in the north-west of the Hwanghae (Yellow Sea) that had recovered from the damage.

Chairman Kim visited the newly built house and praised the army for the work, so North Korea is likely to appeal that recovery from the damage is progressing smoothly.

However, he did not give details of the damage caused by the heavy rain and a series of typhoons, and Chairman Kim is expected to have a wide range of damage this month, including directing the mobilization of 12,000 people from pyongyang, the capital, for restoration.