City Hall cooperates in the sale of a large amount of steamed bread by an unexpected accident Miyazaki

City Hall also cooperates in the sale of a large amount of steamed bread in an unexpected accident Miyazaki September 15 21:28

A bakery in Hydmp, Miyazaki Prefecture, made a large amount of steamed bread with an unexpected accident. In order to sell everything somehow, the city hall also started to cooperate.

On the 15th, steamed bread was sold during lunch break at the city hall in Hydmp, Miyazaki Prefecture, and the staff bought it one after another.

The steamed bread is produced by Yumi Nakauchi of The City of Ying, and usually sells more than 100 pieces a day at her own store.

Last week, however, when I was fermenting a week’s of yeast to be kneaded into the dough, my one-year-old son, 惺-kun, mischievously pulled out the machine’s outlet.

Mr. Nakauchi thought that fermentation would not go well, so he hurriedly started preparing for a substitute.

However, because the first fermentation was made without any problems, as a result, as many as 480 pieces of steamed bread were made.

At one point, Nakauchi-san was at a loss when he couldn’t sell everything in the store, but after consulting with people he knew and negotiating on his own, he was able to sell it in four places, including The City Hall in On the other hand.

Nakauchi says, “I thought it was going to be a lot of trouble because I was so impatient with my son’s mischief that I made too much steamed bread. Thanks to everyone’s help, I’m grateful for that.”

Steamed bread will be sold at supermarkets in The city of Ying, etc. on the 16th and 18th of this month.