Corona Virus vaccine “Development and production start in parallel” International organization

New Coronavirus Vaccine “Starting Production in Parallel Development” International Organization September 15th, 5:50 WHO = Interview with the secretary-general of an organization that has set up a framework to fairly deliver the new coronavirus vaccine to countries around the world together with the World Health Organization In response, it was revealed that vaccine production has already begun in parallel with the development. In June, the Gavi Vaccine Alliance, a public-private joint international organization working on vaccination against infectious diseases in developing countries, joined forces with WHO and others to establish a framework for the development, manufacture and fair distribution of vaccines for the new coronavirus. As of the 14th, 177 countries and regions around the world, including Japan, have announced their participation.

Gavi’s Executive Secretary, Seth Berkeley, said in an interview with NHK on the 14th that the nine vaccines he is currently investing in will accelerate the process so that approval can be completed in 18 months, which normally takes up to 10 years. I’m letting you do it, “explained the situation.

In parallel with this process, Executive Secretary Berkeley revealed that multiple vaccines have already begun to be produced for immediate distribution after approval.

Regarding vaccines, it has been pointed out that there is a possibility that vaccines with unclear safety will be provided to developing countries in the future, such as Russia officially approving the use without waiting for the final stage of clinical trials.

“If side effects begin to occur, the reliability of the vaccine itself will be affected,” said Berkeley, who said that countries should approve and supply vaccines on strict standards.