[List]Japan Post Bank fraud drawer to stop the new 8 service cooperation

[List]Japan Post Bank fraud drawer to stop 8 new service cooperation September 15 21:23

In response to the confirmation of fraudulent debits from accounts through its electronic payment services, Japan Post Bank has decided to suspend collaborations such as new registrations and charges at eight new services.
According to the announcement, in cooperation with the account of Japan Post Bank, it is the following eight payment services to stop new registration and charge.

Paypal (disambiguation)
Payment secretary
Zhao Rakuten Edy
PayB (number)
Melpei (disambiguation)

According to Japan Post Bank, these services do not introduce “two-factor authentication” that requires two types of elements to verify identity when working with an account.

Japan Post Bank is working with 12 services, but stopping charges will increase to 10 services, including docomo accounts and Kyash.