“Minimum x Glamorous” supernova, Shiori Ikemoto shows off the finest soft-skinned gravure

Shiori Ikemoto, who is attracting attention as a rising star in the gravure world, has appeared in the center gravure of “Young Champion Retsu” released on Tuesday, 15th.

[Photo]”Mini gravure” body of Shiori Ikemoto, a new trend in the gravure world

Shiori Ikemoto was born on December 15, 2002, and is 17 years old from Hyogo prefecture. It has attracted attention as a rising star of “minigra”, which is said to be the new trend in the current gravure world, and has appeared in gravure magazines one after another, starting with “Weekly Playboy” released last month.

In “Young Champion Retsu”, he shows off his youthful uniforms and fresh bikinis. We are developing beautiful gravure that makes you fall in love with a gravure body run. In the magazine, it is introduced as “pulling the trend”, and you can see the high degree of attention.

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