“Muchimuchi is justice” Yutori’s bikini string is so powerful that it seems to be torn off.

Cosplayer yutori updated Twitter on the 13th (Sun). We released a swimsuit shot of a plump body to spare summer.

[Separate cut]Powerful whip whip body that worries about yutori’s bikini string

Yutori is a cosplayer who boasts 430,000 followers on Twitter and 730,000 followers on Instagram. It is popular for its well-balanced body and young facial features.

yutori updated Twitter on the 13th (Sun) with “Ah Natsuyasumi”. We released a bikini shot of a volume bust that seems to burst.

In the post, there were voices such as “The glossiness of the legs is wonderful”, “The brown color is also good”, “The shoulder strap of the bikini is about to break”, “Wow, dazzling”, “Muchimuchi is justice”.

In addition, yutori regularly updates the creator support platform “Fantia” (https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/12752) and publishes bold shots of the whip whip body.

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