Received the 4th “Naomi Kawashima Animal Welfare Award” in “Sakagami Animal Kingdom”

Fuji TV’s variety show “Sakagami Animal Kingdom” (every Friday from 19:00), in which actor Shinobu Sakagami acts as MC, will be held at the 4th “Kawashima Naomi Animal Welfare Award” “Engine 01 Animal Welfare Wonderful Partners” Received the “Award”. Shinobu Sakagami, MC of “Sakagami Animal Kingdom”, provided by Fuji TV “Nao Kawashima Animal Welfare Award” has been active for many years in the “Animal Welfare Committee” of the “Engine 01 Cultural Strategy Council” composed of experts in each field. The “Kawashima Naomi Animal Welfare Fund”, which was established by inheriting the thoughts of Mr. Naomi Kawashima, commends individuals and groups who continue to contribute and carry out activities related to the protection of dogs and cats. The “Engine 01 Animal Welfare / Wonderful Partners Award” awarded by “Sakagami Animal Kingdom” commends individuals and groups who have close ties with dogs and cats, including activities such as transfer and protection and social activities. ing. In addition, program MC Sakagami received the same award as an individual in 2018. In response to this award, Kaoru Emoto, Chief Producer, said, “I would like to continue making programs that can bring about a” gentle bond between animals and people. ” “Sakagami Animal Kingdom” is an animal variety show that creates the “Animal Kingdom” (a house for protecting dogs and cats) that animals and humans can enjoy, which Sakagami, who is a dog lover in the entertainment world and loves animals, has long dreamed of. .. Sakagami has already purchased a vast land in Chiba prefecture and is broadcasting the process of making a “protection house” on a program. (C) Fuji TV