Talent Shiro Kishibe dies at 71

Talent Shiro Kishibe dies 71 September 15 15:59

Shiro Kishibe, a former member of the group Sounds “The Tigers” who also worked as an actor and presenter, died of acute heart failure last month. He was 71 years old.
Shiro Kishibe is from Kyoto Prefecture and became a popular member of the band The Tigers, where his older brother Kazunori is a bassist.

After the group disbanded, he was active as an actor, and in 1978 he appeared in the commercial TV drama “Sai no Yuki” as Shago Jo.

Since 1984, he has hosted the commercial wide show “Hello Look” for more than 10 years.

According to his office, Mr. Kishibe suffered from cerebral hemorrhage in 2003 and has been fighting Parkinson’s disease since then, but died last month of acute heart failure due to extended cardiomyopathy.

At my office,

In front of his office in a residential area of Minato-ku, Tokyo, where Shiro Kishibe belongs, there are reporters who learned of the death.

There were no people going in and out of the office, and the person in charge who responded said, “I’m busy responding now, and I’ll tell you by fax.”