The first opposition party is officially formed at the party conference of the new party, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan.

The first opposition party is officially inaugurated at the Party Congress of the New Democratic Party of Japan (Constitutional Democratic Party) at 5:12 p.m. on September 15.

The party conference of the New Democratic Party of Japan was held, and the first party of 150 opposition parties was officially inaugurated. Representative Edano showed the options of the administration and emphasized his stance on the new Kan administration, which will be inaugurated on the 16th.

The New Party of Constitutional Democratic Party (DPJ), which is a confluence of the Constitutional Democratic Party and the People’s Democratic Party of Japan, held a party conference at a hotel in Tokyo on the afternoon of The 15th, attended by 150 members of the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives, as well as the president of the coalition, Kozu.

At the convention, we approved a code of conduct that “respects ‘freedom’ and ‘diversity’ and creates a ‘symbiotic society’ based on human beings.”

Mr. Edano said, “In the last seven years and eight months, unfortunately, the government has given up on politics, and I am keenly aware of the responsibility of the opposition parties for not being able to clearly show the options of the administration. Now is the time to show our options and move forward head-on.”

On that basis, he said, “Tomorrow, the new Kan administration will be inaugurated. He seems to be talking about the succession of the Abe administration, but he will discuss with Mr. Kan in a dignified manner how to overcome the crisis and what kind of society he will make, and convey the voice of the people.”

After this, the appointment of Secretary General Fukuyama, Chairman of the Izumi Political Affairs Research Committee, Chairman of the Azumi Diet Measures Committee, and Mr. Hirano’ representative and chairman of the election response committee was approved, and a new opposition party was officially established.

Mr. Fukuyama, Secretary General, “Finally, the Start Line”

Mr. Fukuyama told reporters, “We are finally on the starting line and it’s a full-fledged play ball. There is a feeling that I have come this far and a sense of tension that starts here. The infection of the new coronavirus is still spreading and it is a tough economic situation, so I want to face the Diet tomorrow with a sense of tension, and I want to start preparing for the House of Representatives election as soon as I don’t know when.”

Chairman of the Izumi Political Affairs Research Committee “Creating a Trusted Opposition”

Izumi, chairman of the Political Affairs Research Committee, told reporters, “I think many people all over the country are expecting it, so we humbly put our feet on the ground and set out policies and government initiatives to the people and work to build a trusted opposition party. I would like to take the lead as Chairman of the Political Affairs Research Committee, and engage in dialogue with people all over the country, as well as promote intraparty reconciliation.”

Chairman of the Ansan Diet Measures Committee “Aiming to become the Strongest Opposition Party”

Mr. Aizumi, the chairman of the Diet, told reporters, “With 150 people gathered, I think we have set up a starting point as a saucer for the Liberal Democratic Party. It is from the Diet that ends the ruling party’s strength. Through discussions in cooperation with as many opposition parties as possible, we will firmly highlight the differences with the new Kan administration. I do it thoroughly when I fight. We aim to be the strongest opposition party.”

Acting Representative Hirano”: “An environment that is easy to fight in elections”

Acting Representative Hirano, who also serves as the chairman of the election committee, told reporters, “It is whether the people can take it as an option to take power and regain trust, and this is not a goal, but a passing point. We will work hard to create a larger mass.”

Regarding the next House of Representatives election, he said, “There are constituencies where candidates are competing, and we will adjust quickly to create an environment where it is easy to fight in elections. I would like to work closely with Secretary General Fukuyama to promote intraparty reconciliation.”

Acting Representative Eda “It’s a difficult boat, but I want to do my best”

Kenji Eda, a member of the House of Representatives who will serve as the representative, told NHK’s interview, “It’s a difficult start, but everything will change in the future. I will work hard because there is only a way to deepen the understanding and trust of the people through diet debates by launching the government’s plan and the economic policies of the people.”

Acting Representative Rengo “I want to get ready quickly and start activities”

A member of the House of Councillors, who will serve as the representative, told reporters, “From today, a new step will begin, so I will do my best to make it a national choice. In the House of Representatives, a change of government cannot be achieved without doubleing the number of seats. It is said that there will be a dissolution of the House of Representatives and a general election, and I would like to prepare quickly and start activities.”

Kiyomi Tsujimoto, Member of the House of Representatives, “A “Tataki Showdown” with New President Kan

Kiyomi Tsujimoto, a member of the House of Representatives, told reporters, “As the first opposition party, I want to do my best with a reborn feeling. However, there are few new officers who are appointed as women, so I would like to strictly approach Representative Edano. I would like to have a “knock-up showdown” at the Budget Committee to see what kind of policies will be carried out in the same time as the new President Kan.”

Mr. Eri Tokunaga, Member of the House of Councillors, “Trusted Opposition”

Mr. Eri Tokunaga, a member of the House of Councillors, told NHK, “I want to take a new step with the feeling of standing on the starting line with 150 colleagues. It may be difficult to communicate in detail when it comes to large areas, but we have to create an environment where we can put our hearts together. First of all, I would like to aim for an opposition party that can earn the trust of the people who want them to do their best.”