The New Party of the New Party “Constitutional Democratic Party” will be held on the 15th.

The new party “Constitutional Democratic Party” will be held on September 15 at 6:10 a.m.

The party conference of the new party of the confluence new party of the Constitutional Democratic Party will be held on the 15th. A new executive branch, including Representative Edano, will be decided, and the first 150-member opposition party will be formally established.
The New Party of Japan,” which is a confluence of the Constitutional Democratic Party and the People’s Democratic Party of Japan, will hold a party convention at a hotel in Tokyo on March 15 with the participation of members of both houses of the House of Representatives.

At the convention, we will decide on a new executive branch structure, including Representative Edano, Secretary General Fukuyama, Chairman of the Izumi Political Affairs Research Committee, Chairman of the Azumi Diet Measures Committee, and Mr. Hirano, Acting Representative and Chairman of the Election Response Committee.

In addition, we have decided to formally establish the first opposition party of 150 people, with the aim of “respecting freedom” and “diversity” and creating a “symbiotic society” based on human beings.

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan will be asked whether it will be able to quickly prepare for the Diet debate with Kan and the new administration, and whether it will be able to show its presence as an “option for the administration” while making urgent preparations, such as adjusting candidates, in preparation for the next House of Representatives election.

On the other hand, on the 15th, the establishment convention of the new “National Democratic Party” will be held, which will be made by members who did not join the new party, and we will start activities under Tamaki and the new representative.