Corona positive following Einstein Kawai and partner Inada No noticeable symptoms

Comedy Combi Einstein’s Naoki Inada and Yuzuru Kawai were found infected with the new coronavirus on the 15th. The agency Yoshimoto Kogyo announced through the official website. Einstein (Naoki Inada, Yuzuru Kawai from left) According to Yoshimoto Kogyo, “Inada had a fever in the early morning of September 13 (Sun), and as a result of undergoing a PCR test, he was diagnosed as positive on September 14 (Mon). The onset date will be Saturday, 12th. Inada is currently waiting at home. ” After that, Kawai also said, “Inada Naoki (35 years old) was diagnosed as positive on September 14th (Monday), and as a result of taking a PCR test on the same day, today 15th (Tuesday) Was diagnosed as positive. The onset date is Tuesday, 15th. Currently, Kawai has no noticeable symptoms. ” “As soon as the judgment of the health center is shown, such as confirming close contacts, we will take appropriate measures according to the guidance. The Group will continue to give top priority to ensuring the safety of customers, affiliated talents, business partners, and employees. Under the guidance of public health centers and other government agencies and medical professionals, we will strive to prevent the spread and spread of the new coronavirus. ” Inada also updated his Twitter account, saying, “I was informed that the PCR test I received the other day was positive. I am in good physical condition and currently have no symptoms, but I have to take a break from work according to the instructions of the health center. “I’m sorry for the concern! I’ll try to recover quickly and stand in front of you! Due to this influence, some live performances have been postponed.” We apologize to everyone who was looking forward to it !! “, sending a message to the fans.