Manaka Shida, Keyakizaka46 Dance challenge for the first time in 2 years since graduation! In commemorative video of the latest work by Sumino

The latest feature film by Yoru Sumino, who is known for “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas”, will be released on the 16th with a CD of the beloved rock band THE BACK HORN. To commemorate this, a promotional video of a book starring Manaka Shida of former Keyakizaka46 was released. Manaka Shida, who appears in the promotion video of Yoru Sumino’s latest feature film “I will forget this feeling someday”, had meetings with THE BACK HORN, which Mr. Sumino has loved since he was a student, from the conception stage of the work, and shared the process of creation. A new form of collaboration work “I will forget this feeling someday” created by influencing each other in both directions. In the promotional video released to commemorate the publication, Shida, who was originally a fan of Mr. Sumino, has been trying to dance for the first time in two years since he graduated from Keyakizaka46 in 2018. THE BACK HORN embodies the song “Outline” that flows in the play, which is sung by a girl from another world in the work “I will forget this feeling someday”. In addition, Sumino wrote a part of the lyrics, which is a song that symbolizes the collaboration of this work. Shida, who performed a contemporary dance in the same video, said, “I have been reading the work of Yoru Sumino for a long time, so I am very honored to have this opportunity! This novel promotion video is also included with the new novel. I hope you all enjoy it. ”