SBI Securities Outflow of more than 98 million yen from six customers’ securities accounts

SBI Securities Outflow of more than 98 million yen from the securities accounts of six customers September 16, 18:33

SBI Securities, a major Internet securities company, announced that more than 98 million yen had been leaked from six of its clients’ securities accounts due to unauthorized access. The company has decided to cover the full amount of the damage.
According to the announcement of SBI Securities, six customers of the company were the victims of unauthorized access, and cash was leaked from each securities account to five accounts of Japan Post Bank and one account of Mitsubishi UFJ Bank by selling shares without the permission of the person in question.

The total amount of damage is 9.864 million yen.

On the 7th of this month, I received a call from one of my customers and found out that there was a business that I don’t remember.

The company said it had illegally opened a bank account to be leaked by using identity verification documents forged by a third party.

In addition, this third party seems to have obtained the username and login password of the customer of SBI Securities in some way.

SBI Securities explains that this information was not illegally obtained from its systems, but it will compensate the full amount of the damage.

The company apologizes, saying, “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers,” and accepts consultations from customers using a dedicated toll-free number.

The phone number is 0120-213-384.