“A3!” First live performance begins! Ryugi Yokota, Sho Jinnai, Kenta Mizue, Yoshihiko Aramaki comment on joy

MANKAI STAGE “A3!” ~ Four Seasons LIVE 2020 ~ opened at the Tokyo Garden Theater on the 17th, with comments from Ryugi Yokota, Sho Jinnai, Kenta Mizue, and Yoshihiko Aramaki. MANKAI STAGE “A3!” ~ Four Seasons LIVE 2020 ~ This work is a popular game in which the main character becomes the presiding officer and general director of the theater company “MANKAI Company” and leads the members of the spring group, summer group, autumn group, and winter group. A3! ”Stage work. It has been a hot topic all over the country since the opening of 2018, and has been nicknamed “Aeste” by fans. In this performance, which will be the first live performance, a number of songs that have colored the works so far will be developed. It is said that it will deliver a special stage where all the flowers are in full bloom over the four seasons. The performances will be from 17th to 20th, and will be broadcast live on DMM.com all day, live viewing for 4 performances at movie theaters all over the country, and live broadcasting of Chiaki Raku on CS Nittele Plus. Performers are[Spring Group]Ryugi Yokota (role of Sakuya Sakuma), Teru Makishima (role of Masumi Usui), Yuki Maekawa (role of Tsuzuku Minaki), Toshiki Tateishi (role of Kayagasaki), Yamato Furuya (role of Citron),[Summer Group]Masaru Chennai (role of Emperor Tenma), Yuu Miyazaki (role of Sachi Rurikawa), Jun Noguchi (role of Ryo Kousaka), Reio Honda (role of Triangle Ikaruga), Tomoru Akazawa (role of Kazushige Miyoshi),[Autumn Group]Kenta Mizue (role of Mari Settsu), Taro Nakamura (role of Juza Hyodo), Ryotaro Akazawa (role of Taichi Nanao), Shigeya Inagaki (role of Minoru Fushimi), Rei Fujita (role of Sakyo Furuichi),[Winter Group]Yoshihiko Aramaki (Tsumugi Tsukioka), Ryo Kitazono (Tomoru Takato), Keisuke Ueda (Mikage Mikage), Ryosei Tanaka (Homare Arisugawa), Kandai Ueda (Higashi Yukishiro). In addition, Ryo Taguchi (Isuke Matsukawa), Kiyu Tauchi (Ken Sakoda), Hiroki Sasamori (Kaya Mizuno), Takuma Usa (Yen Ikaruga), Masamichi Satonaka (Ryo Shinjo), Ryujiro Izaki (Haruka Asuka) (Sho) and Ryunosuke Kawai (Reni Kamikizaka) have appeared.

Ryugi Yokota Comment

It’s the first time for me to have a live performance as Aste and all the members of each group, so I’m sure Kantoku is looking forward to it. I want everyone to feel the charm of Aeste in Kantoku. After all, the season starts in spring, so at the opening, I would like to draw Kantoku into the live world from the appearance of the Harugumi. I want to enjoy the Four Seasons LIVE 2020 performance, which is a combination of the power of all the wonderful companies, until the end!

Comment from Sho Jinnai

I live in theater many times, feeling that my friends and customers support me.
The practice of this live is also really fun, and looking back from the SPRING & SUMMER 2018 performance two years ago to today, various thoughts overflow. Although the number of performances was limited, I would like to thank all the friends, staff, and customers of the winter group’s solo performances who firmly connected the baton. This Four Seasons LIVE 2020 performance is at the end of each group connecting the four seasons batons! It is the best to cut out any moment of any group! All the members who are not members of the MANKAI company are also the best! , We will deliver works that will be wonderful memories that will never be forgotten in everyone’s hearts. By everyone. Let’s continue to connect the baton together!
Finally. Have fun today! Director!

Kenta Mizue comment

We are looking forward to being able to perform in all groups, and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to it, so I would like to show you that we are the strongest in the MANKAI company!
Also, the good thing about Akigumi is that five people can overcome it no matter what, so I personally want to show the strength of the Akigumi bond.

Yoshihiko Aramaki Comment

It’s finally the start of Four Seasons LIVE 2020.
The trajectory of Aeste so far. Let’s get excited and have fun with Kantoku.
A gorgeous special live with all the MANKAI companies!
May it be a wonderful memory for everyone. (C) Liber Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. CMANKAI STAGE “A3!” Production Committee 2020