Aomori after wire cutting at Japan’s original combustion th th thraun plant

Nippon Nuclear Fuel Lysation Plant After Wire Cutting Aomori September 17, 6:46 AM

In a series of cases where wires attached to equipment by the IAEA and the International Atomic Energy Agency were cut for the protection of nuclear materials at ther thrax plants in Aomori Prefecture, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission called for thorough measures to prevent recurrence of Japan’s original combustion of business operators.

At the spent nuclear fuel reprocessing and uranium enrichment plants in Aomori Prefecture, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have installed wires on critical equipment for nuclear protection reasons, but it was reported at a regular meeting of the Regulatory Commission on June 16 that there have been seven cases of wires being cut since 2008.

Nippon Combustion is not intentional because it is thought to be caused by accidentally cutting during construction work, etc.

In this regard, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission asked the company to thoroughly implement measures to prevent recurrence, and decided to conduct a field survey in the future.