Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato “Checking Administrative Services: Correcting Funny Things”

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato, “Checking Administrative Services: Correcting Funny Things,” September 17, 12:23 p.m.

At a press conference, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato emphasized the idea of breaking down the vertical administration of the Kan Cabinet, saying, “We will check whether administrative services have reached the public and correct any anything that is strange.”
In this statement, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato emphasized the idea of breaking down the vertical administration, saying, “This time, we have experienced the new coronavirus, and it is fundamental to check one by one from the viewpoint of whether various services provided by the administration have arrived and how to deal with the public, and to correct anything that is strange.”

In addition, about the mechanism to collect information about the evils of vertical administration, such as “vertically divided 110 number”, “I will listen to the voice of the people, including the vertical dividing No. 110. Mr. Kono, Minister in Charge of Administrative Reform, will consider how to make it.”

On the other hand, about the timing of the convocation of the extraordinary Diet session, he said, “It is necessary to explain to the public through the Diet, including what the new government will start and what the administration will aim to do. However, I would like to consult with the ruling party on a specific schedule.”

“Cherry Blossom Watching Party” canceled during Prime Minister Kan’s tenure

At a press conference in the morning, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said that Prime Minister Naoto Kan had said last night that he would cancel the “cherry blossom-watching party” hosted by the prime minister from next year onward, and said, “I recognize that Prime Minister Kan has said that he will not do it after next year, at least during his tenure.”

On that basis, regarding the review of the way the association has been going to be held by the Abe administration, he said, “As a policy, we will not do it, but what points will we consider? Prime Minister Kan’s judgment may have come to one conclusion,” he said, showing negative thoughts.