Opening Ceremony of the 202nd Extraordinary Diet Session

202nd Extraordinary Diet Opening Ceremony September 17 14:12

The 202nd Extraordinary Diet session was held on the 17th at the House of Councillors plenary session to welcome the Emperor to the opening ceremony.

Following the convening of the extraordinary Diet session on the 16th, the opening ceremony was held at the House of Councillors plenary session from 1:00 p.m. on the 17th.

First, on behalf of both houses of the House of Representatives, The Speaker of the House of Representatives Oshima said, “Japan faces a serious situation due to the spread of the global spread of the new coronavirus infection, and the situation surrounding society and the economy is truly severe. We must be deeply aware of the current situation, take necessary measures, make every effort to improve the stability of people’s lives, and contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world.”

After this, the Emperor said, “It is my deep joy to be together with all the people who represent the whole nation.
In dealing with domestic and international issues for the time being, I strongly hope that the Diet, as the highest body of national power, will fully fulfill its mission and respond to the trust of the people.”

The opening ceremony is usually expected to be attended by all 710 members of both houses of the House of Representatives, but the attendance on the 17th was narrowed down to about 20 percent, including Prime Minister Kan, cabinet ministers, and representatives of each faction in the Corona Virus antivirus program.