Taiki Momino x Kentaro Yabuki The origin of program making reconfirmed in “Oyakoi” “Things that will never come out unless you interview”

The Yomiuri TV / NTV variety special program “Parents Love Story-Oyakoi”, which makes the love story of parents who seem to know but do not know in earnest, will be broadcast for two consecutive weeks on the 17th and 24th. When the first broadcast was broadcast in September 2018, the novelty of making the universal theme of parental love into a drama and watching it with the reaction of children (= guests) in the studio was evaluated, and the Broadcast Culture Fund was evaluated. He has won various awards such as Excellence Award and Planning Award, ATP Award TV Grand Prix Excellence Award, and Asian Content Trade Fair Best Award. This time, it will be the second broadcast with full satisfaction. How did you establish the theme of “parental love” that brilliantly draws out the complex emotions of “I want to know, I don’t want to know …” as a program? Mr. Taiki Momino, a broadcast writer who planned it, and Mr. Kentaro Yabuki, a joint television director who works on the production, reaffirmed what is important for program making in the process. Taiki Momino (left) and Kentaro Yabuki

■ I want to know but I don’t want to know … “Parents’ love”

Regarding how he came up with this project, Mr. Momino said, “I was always thinking that it would be interesting to know what I didn’t know, and when I was at my parents’ house, I said,” How did my parents meet? At the same time as I thought, “I don’t know how I fell in love and how I proposed …”, I also felt, “No, but I don’t want to know? It feels bad …” From there, “This is interesting. Isn’t it? If you thoroughly interview the parents of the entertainer and show them in a drama, you will see a face that you have never seen before. ” However, even if I presented the project to the staff of some TV stations, he said, “There aren’t many people who come to me,” and he was salted on Mr. Momino’s computer. After that, the staff of Yoshimoto Kogyo’s program production asked me to plan, and I handed it over, but there was no reaction. However, three years later, suddenly, Mr. Toshikazu Mori of Yoshimoto Kogyo, who is also the producer of this program, called “Mr. Kashino, I passed!”. Mr. Momino, who had forgotten that he had handed over the project, seemed to be confused for a moment, “I’m sorry, what’s the story !?” Mr. Mori consulted with Mr. Yabuki, who worked with him on “ENGEI Grand Slam” (Fuji TV), to ask him to direct the program. Mr. Momino was originally active as a comedy combination child machine, and had a history of appearing in the CS broadcast material program “OFJ” that Mr. Yabuki was in charge of when he was an entertainer. I’m grateful to you for taking care of me so much, so I asked him to say, “By all means!”, “This tag was realized.

■ Aim of “serious drama”

Although they have a long relationship with each other, they have never worked together as a constituent writer and director, and Mr. Yabuki said, “Roch’s Kokado (Kentaro) and writer Sakai (Yoshifumi) happened to be four people only once. I went to drink, “he recalls. The program of “Oyakoi” came up when Mr. Yabuki was just seconded from Fuji TV to Kyodo Television. “When I was knocking with plans in various places, I felt like I was going to stick to the straw, so I asked,’I’ll do it!’,” Said the first program of the transfer. Until then, it was the first time for Mr. Yabuki, who had set up most of the programs from the planning stage, to make the plans of others into programs. That’s why, “I said first that I would put in my essence so that I could say’I did it myself’after making it,” he said with enthusiasm. In response, Mr. Momino recalled, “I really felt the heat and it was amazing (laughs).” “But I was really lucky to have Mr. Yabuki do it. Sometimes, there is a director who does it loosely, and sometimes he says,’Shit! It’s a project I thought of!’ (Laughs) I was really relieved that he did it with such a large amount of heat. This will be the result of doing it seriously, whether it works or not, “he said with full confidence. From the drama part Terunosuke Takezai (left) and Kana Harada (C) ytv Mr. Kashino said at the planning stage, “It was okay to reproduce VTR or control, whatever it was,” the composition to show in a full-scale drama He didn’t think about it. On the other hand, when I saw the project, I instinctively said, “The children of the parties are embarrassed, but it’s a good story to see from others. There aren’t many things that have such a difference in perception, so I thought it would be interesting.” Mr. Yabuki came up with the idea of ​​”serious drama”, saying, “This must be done from the front.” This has the effect of amplifying the embarrassment of the child who is watching more. In addition, “I thought at first that I should bring it to a place called” Thank you “at the end. I thought that in order to switch from” embarrassing “to that, I had to make fun of it.” (Yabuki) Mr.).