Glitter Shiina, swimsuit x helicopter “artistic shot”, “everything is perfect from the concept” and fans praise

Cosplayer Kaoru Shiina updated Twitter on Thursday, 17th. Published an artistic shot of washing a wrapping helicopter in a swimsuit.

[Photo]The artistic composition of Kaoru Shiina who wants to sit in the cockpit

Kaoru Shiina, a cosplayer whose Twitter followers have exceeded 180,000. Attention is focused on the beauty that is updated every time you post on SNS.

Shiina updated Twitter on the 17th (Thursday), saying, “Jump to your favorite person.” We released a summer-like artistic shot of washing a wrapping helicopter in a blue check swimsuit.

In the post, “Jealousy of the helicopter”, “Art that is not vulgar even though it is in a racy pose”, “Everything is perfect from the concept”, “Coexistence of freshness and luster”, etc. The voice of praise was sent to the sensuality.

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