TV Tokyo, Eri Kanou Anna talks about the impression of “Complicated SUMMERS” junior “Come ~ !!” to the question “What about co-starring NG?”

The organization briefing session of TV TOKYO and BS TV TOKYO was held online on the 18th. Eri Kanou Announcer In the October reorganization, “Complicated SUMMERS 2” will move to 21:00 on Sunday. Summers (Masakazu Mimura, Kazuki Otake) and Hitomi Tanaka announcer will appear in the video. Otake hoped that “there is a possibility of the first encounter, so a new person will see it” after the frame, and even those who can only see it from 18:30 until now, “Please force such people to see it. Recording There is a system like that, such as distribution, “he said. Announcer Eri Kanou, who served as the second assistant, also appeared in the MC of the recital, and about Anna Tanaka who joined the company in 2019, “It feels like seeing a younger sister or a daughter. Sama-zu and the staff are absorbed in Tanaka. I’m doing it. ” Also, as one of the highlights of the October reorganization, “Co-starring NG” starring Kiichi Nakai was mentioned in the drama frame “Drama Premier 10” at 22:00 on Monday, but Kano Anna was asked “What about co-starring NG for announcers?” Shouts, “Come!” While saying, “I’m not an office worker!”, He answered, “Speaking of force, it’s an animal NG. There was a time when” Complicated SUMMERS “was sandwiched between kangaroos and pelicans.” Are you looking for it too much? ”