A political party grant of 1.2 billion yen from the liberal democratic party headquarters to the political party branch of Mr. and Mrs. Kawai

Mr. and Mrs. Kawai’s party branch receives a political party grant of 1.2 billion yen from the LDP headquarters on September 25 at 7:25 p.m.

Before last year’s Upper House election, a report released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications found that the political party branch of Former Justice Minister Katsuyuki Kawai and his wife, Draftsato, had received a total of 120 million yen from the LDP headquarters, a political party grant based on taxes. The two party branches say it is unclear how the funds will be used because documents have been seized in the case of the acquisition.

Katsuyuki Kawai, 57, a former Minister of Justice, and his wife, Kazusato, 47, a member of the House of Councillors, were charged with acquisitions in last year’s Upper House election, and the flow of funds has also become the focus of the investigation.

According to the “Political Party Grant Spending Report” released today by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, before the Election in July, the Liberal Democratic Party headquarters
15 million yen in April,
30 million yen in May,
30 million yen in June,
Former Minister Kawai addressed the “Third Constituency Branch of Hiroshima Prefecture of the Liberal Democratic Party”
It is stated that I sed 45 million yen in June.

If you look at the funds distributed uniformly to members of the Diet, the political party grant based on the taxes received by the two branches from the party headquarters before the election will be 120 million yen.

Councillors and others admitted that the funds received before the election from the LDP headquarters amounted to 150 million yen, of which 120 million yen and 80 percent were political party grants based on taxes.

In this report, it is necessary to attach a receipt about the expenditure and describe the other party and the amount of money, but the two branches say that it is unknown because the documents were seized by the prosecution’s investigation, and the use of a large amount of money remains unknown.

Prof. Iwai, a professor at the Faculty of Law at Nippon University who is familiar with political finance, said, “It is not illegal, but this 120 million yen is a tax and it is not allowed to be regarded. It is natural for the public to suspect that it has been diverted to fund the acquisition, and we have a responsibility to clarify and explain its use to dispel the allegations.”

The amount to Mr. and Mrs. Kawai of the Liberal Democratic Party headquarters more than six times the average of other candidates

Before last year’s Upper House election, the LDP headquarters spurd 48 other candidates in constituencies across the country with an average of more than 18.5 million yen, up to 47 million yen, more than six times the average amount.

In addition, the Liberal Democratic Party has provided more than 10 million yen once or twice, whereas it has been provided four times on the side of the Diet.

In the candidates of other political parties before last year’s Upper House election, the constitutional Democratic Party averaged more than 21.8 million yen, the highest was 44.6 million yen, the national Democratic Party averaged about 16.7 million yen, the highest was 35 million yen, and the political party grant received by former Minister Kawai and councillors has increased by 120 million yen, including other political parties.

“If it’s all there, it’ll stand out, so I’ll put it in two branches.”

In the case of the acquisition by former Justice Minister Kawai and his wife, Mr. Shiri, it has been pointed out that in addition to the 120 million yen stated in this report, non-party grants received 30 million yen of the original capital.

Prosecutors said a total of 150 million yen was used to support the activities of the draft legislators, and 75 million yen was assigned to each of the two branches.

During the trial, a former staff member who was in charge of accounting for former Minister Kawai’s office testified from his secretary at the time that he had been told by his former minister, Kawai, that the whole thing was so conspicuous that it was divided into two branches.

Former Minister Kawai and Councillor Zusato have pleaded not guilty to any charges of violating the Public Offices Election Act, and according to those involved, former Minister Kawai explained to those around him that the cash he had distributed to local councillors had been taken out of his cash on hand.

All expenditures are “unknown”

The “Political Party Grant Use Report” is a document submitted to the state by the headquarters and branches of political parties regarding income and expenditure related to grants issued by the government under the Political Party Grant Act.

A part of the contents of the “Political Funds Balance Report” published in November of each year is described, and it will be released in late September.

Mr. Kawai, the former Minister of Justice, and Mr. Ari, the representative branch, submitted their reports in February, and all expenditures were “unknown.”

As a reason, “the breakdown of the use, etc. is unknown because the related documents have been seized and cannot be described. The unknown part will be corrected when it becomes clear.”