au Mobile devices to be released in the future All principles to support 5G

au Mobile devices to be released in the future To support all 5G in principle September 25 17:12

KDDI, which develops mobile phone businesses with the au brand, announced that in principle, all mobile devices to be released in the future will be compatible with 5G in an aim to spread the high-speed, high-capacity communication standard 5G.

KDDI announced at a mobile terminal presentation held in Tokyo on May 25 that, in principle, all terminals will be compatible with high-speed, high-capacity communication standards and 5G, with the exception of terminals with limited functions for children and the elderly.

The area where 5G can be used in au is currently limited to some areas of 21 prefectures, but
10,000 stations by March next year,
We plan to increase the number of stations to 50,000 by March of next year to expand the area.

President Makoto Takahashi said, “It is our duty to spread 5G as soon as possible so that everyone can receive it.”

KDDI today released to the press a store where you can experience 5G opening in Ginza, Tokyo.

With 5G compatible mobile devices, you can watch sports videos and images of tourist destinations and art works in extremely clear image quality.

In 5G, NTT DOCOMO and SoftBank are also developing base stations, but the area available is limited and mobile carriers are focused on expanding and spreading the area.