Chairman Kim apologizes for shooting South Korean ship crew

Chairman Kim apologizes for shooting South Korean ship crew september 25 at 6:35 p.m.

The South Korean presidential office today revealed that it has received a message from North Korean Labor Party Chairman Kim Jong-un apologizing for the “great disappointment” that the crew of a South Korean fishing leadership ship was shot dead by the North Korean military.
As North Korea’s supreme leader, it is an unusual response, and it is thought that there is a desire to bring the curtain to an end promptly.

This was revealed at a press conference in the afternoon of May 25 by Seo Hung, director of the National Security Office of the South Korean Presidential Office.

As a result, the United Front Department, which is responsible for relations with South Korea in North Korea’s Workers’ Party of Korea, sent an telegram to the South Korean presidential office this morning regarding the shooting of a fishing guidance ship belonging to the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries of South Korea, which had temporarily lost its whereabouts in the Yellow Sea on the western side of the Korean Peninsula, by the North Korean military.

In this report, he sent a message of apology from Chairman Kim Jong-un, who said, “I am very sorry for the great disappointment I have given to President Moon Jae-in and his fellow citizens in the South.”

In addition, the United Front Explains the circumstances, such as the shooting death because the person who broke in illegally tried to escape, then lost sight of the body, and burned the float that the person himself was riding.

On that basis, the North Korean leadership believes that something that should not have happened has occurred, and stresses that “we will take necessary safety measures to ensure that the relationship of trust between North and South does not collapse.”

South Korea’s presidential office also revealed earlier this month that President Moon and Chairman Kim had exchanged letters encouraging each other to overcome the effects of the new coronavirus and the damage caused by the typhoon, and North Korea is expected to reduce its influence on North-South relations by conveying the unusual message of the supreme leader.