Chiaki Mayumura holds a two-man live with her longing Kohmi Hirose

Chiaki Mayumura will deliver a two-man live with Kami Hirose on October 11, 2020, “It’s a dream, but it wasn’t a dream! ~ Chiaki Mayumura & Komi Hirose, it’s okay if you have love !! ~”.

The live stream announced this time is a two-man live show with Kohmi Hirose, one of Japan’s leading female singer-songwriters, who longs for her to become such a woman. The live will be delivered live from two distribution sites, Zaiko and Nico Nico live distribution. In addition, comments have been received from Chiaki Mayumura for the event.

・ Comment by Chiaki Mayumura
Kohmi Hirose’s music has been flooding the streets since I was little, and I always sing when I go to karaoke with my mother! Mr. Kohmi Hirose is an everyday person. Do you understand how you feel calm when you listen to that voice before you know it when you listen to it too much? The singing voice I’ve been listening to since I was a kid gives me a sense of security when I grow up, and it feels like I’m relieved to hear the same because I grew up listening to that lullaby. ?) Even though Kohmi Hirose’s voice is so powerful, I feel relieved. I think there is a statue of Kohmi Hirose somewhere. If not, I want to build it at home.

Speaking of which, on the way back from the high school exam, I knew that I had definitely fallen, so I went home crying, but I was trembling with my knees and trembling with regret. When it came to me, I remembered that I was able to make a boyfriend and enjoy it very quickly. I miss you. After all, I couldn’t do a joint party even once … There was a song battle at the Yatsui festival, and it was Mr. Hirose’s influence that he sang “Gurenge” there. Hirose-san’s YouTube channel, I’m a normal listener, but it’s really great, it may be rude to say that it smells the same, but it feels like it heats up as I sing, or it heats up too much on the way I didn’t feel like the wavelengths would match because I was laughing and “I understand!” And I really want to be such a woman. At the beginning of the cover video, the words that I respected so much were spoken, and I can tell that you really love music, and I also feel the love for the original song. I also love that kind of place. Kohmi Hirose, who gives various emotions and courage to people in the world other than people like me, is two-man⁇ Is there something wrong? I confirmed it many times, but it seemed like a story in my dream … (?) I hope it will become a true dream someday … (trembling)

“It’s a dream, but it wasn’t a dream! ~ Chiaki Mayumura & Kohmi Hirose It’s okay if you have love !!! ~”

October 11, 2020 (Sun)
Time: 17:30 start
Price: 3500 yen
Cast: Chiaki Mayumura / Kohmi Hirose
Distribution site: Zaiko / Nico Nico live distribution
* Please be sure to check the price and archive period depending on the distribution site.

・ Distribution site / ticket
Zaiko URL:
Ticket sales period: September 25th (Friday) 21: 00-October 14th (Wednesday) 17:30
Archive viewing: Until Tuesday, October 14, 23:59

・ Nico Nico live distribution URL:
Ticket sales period: September 25th (Friday) 21: 00-November 9th (Monday) 23:59
Archive viewing: Until 23:59 on Tuesday, November 10th