“Go To Event” and “Go To Shopping Street” to start after mid-October

“Go To Event” and “Go To Shopping Street” to start after mid-October September 25 20:52

A subcommittee of experts was held for the first time since the Kan Cabinet was inaugurated over the Corona Virus antivirus, and the government’s policy of starting the Go To event, which calls for demand for events, was generally understood.

For the first time since the kan Cabinet was inaugurated, the government held a subcommittee of experts considering a new type of coronavirus, attended by Minister for Economic Revitalization Nishimura and Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Tamura.

Among these measures to stimulate consumption by the government, the government’s policy to launch a “Go To Event” to stimulate demand for events and a “Go To Shopping Street” to support shopping districts after the middle of next month was agreed on the premise that the government’s policy to thoroughly implement infection countermeasures proposed by experts.

It has also been confirmed that travel to and from Tokyo will be added to the “Go To Travel” program from the 1st of next month.

On the other hand, for the start of vaccination, we have generally agreed on the proposed interim guidelines, such as preferentially inoculating medical personnel at high risk of infection, and we will make public comments after further consideration of priorities in the future, and finally compile them.

Minister Nishimura told reporters, “Based on the opinions of experts, the Go To Event and Go To Shopping Street will be prepared and responded to by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the start of the middle of next month.”

What is the Go To Event?

“Go To Event” is a “Go To Campaign” that stimulates consumption that has fallen due to the effects of the new coronavirus, and is to support the event and entertainment business.

Users can purchase tickets 20% cheaper, or they can receive coupons to purchase goods equivalent to 20% of the ticket fee.

Subjects are cultural arts and sporting events.
The Museum
The Zoo
Concerts and
Watching movies,
It is assumed that you will be watching sports.

It also includes new forms of events for the new coronavirus, such as live streaming without spectators.

What is “Go To Shopping Street”?

In addition, “Go To Shopping Street” is a campaign to support events held by the shopping district.

Specifically, the shopping district visits festivals and restaurants,
We also held events such as introducing local specialties,
If you want to create a website that postes restaurants that correspond to take-outs,
We will subsidize up to 3 million yen per shopping street.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has selected a secretariat by the end of this month while assessing the status of infection, and wants to start recruiting shopping districts to participate in the campaign after the middle of next month.

Tottori Governor “If Infection Spreads, It May Be Discontinued”

Governor Hirai of Tottori Prefecture, who attended the subcommittee, told reporters, “If the infection spreads, I have told him that there may be a mechanism to stop it. If the infection spreads, I think we should do the brakes without hesic, so I think the subcommittee adhyed, so I want the government to take it as a reference.”

Mr. Nishimura, Minister for Economic Revitalization, “Thoroughly Take Measures to Prevent Infection”

Mr. Nishimura, Minister for Economic Revitalization, said at a press conference, “When the spread of infection, we are forced to restrain socio-economic activities, so it is important to have them take thorough measures to prevent infection.”

On top of that, when the subcommittee determines that the infection is rapidly increasing, it is said that it was proposed to stop without hesitate, “So far, in cooperation with prefectural governors, we have always analyzed while looking at the figures. I would like to accurately judge the situation, listen to the opinions of experts, and respond on an ad-case response.”