Shokotan, Jackie-chan … The eagerness to appear in “Urayasu Reinforced Family” will come to fruition in the final episode

The guest performer of TV Tokyo drama 24 “Urayasu Reinforced Family” (every Friday from 24:12) starring Jiro Sato was revealed on the 25th. Shoko Nakagawa, Jackie-chan, Kenta Ezemata Charles The same work is a popular comedy manga by Kenji Hamaoka, and the powerful family Osawagi family living in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture and friends living in the neighborhood “always do their best” to do various events. Wake up. Anyway, Sato plays the big black pillar of the Osawagi family, Otetsu, who is super-textile and sloppy. The director is Toichiro Ruto of the “Ossan’s Love” series, and the script is Makoto Ueda of the European project. In the final episode of today’s broadcast on the 25th, Shoko Nakagawa will appear as a taxi guest who will be in a retro taxi car driven by Otetsu and will repeat “Shokotango”. “Shokotan”, who was a big fan of the original story and was eager to appear, appeared, saying “The reason for entering the entertainment world” and “My roots now !!”. Also, on his Youtube channel “Shoko Nakagawa’s” wo “”, the behind-the-scenes shooting of “Urayasu Reinforced Family” is released. In addition, Jackie Chan, a mimicking talent who was endorsed by Jackie Chan himself as “similar to the old servant”, appeared as a guest of the alleged global action star who got on a taxi driven by Daitetsu. .. It is said that DM sent a request to appear directly to the program’s official Twitter account. In addition, Kenta Ezemata Charles will appear from the students of “Seishun High School 3rd Grade C Group” (every Monday from 24:12), which is being broadcast on TV Tokyo, and will appear like a wind as a taxi guest of Santa Monica.

Comment by Shoko Nakagawa

I was surprised when I heard that the Urayasu Reinforced Family would be made into a live-action film, but I never thought I could perform … A long time ago, I was addicted to spring rolls, then Bruce Lee, and Jackie Chan. I could see the running horse light. Mr. Sato, who played the role of Otetsu, was very kind and cool and impressed! Another unforgettable time of joy was created! Let’s watch the drama and get excited together! ### Jackie-chan’s comment “Urayasu Reinforced Family” Ha “Drama” is impossible …
In December 2019, “Drama” was announced, and Bokuno’s concept was overturned! SNS demo “CAST Thought” Gayuki Wallet, pre-broadcast Karaku Cinder.
Soshitara … Nantes … SNS de[CAST recruitment]! Of course, apply immediately!
Contact me.
Shooting interrupted.
Shooting resumed.
I can’t do it … I’m thinking … Contact me!
Appearance decision! Soleha … Moo ~ … Super happy Shikata. Bokuga “Anojin” no role de “Urayasu Reinforced Family” no Sekai Niiri Retakotode “Tension” Gagami Gatakotoha words Uma Demonai. The original world view is impossible. Two-sitter “miniature”! Coco de “miniature” ga “miniature” Toshitte active Sita “drama” ha no kata! Final episode mo “miniature” ga great success Citeru … haz!

Ezemata Kenta Charles Comments

It’s a work I really like, and I’ve always wanted to release it since it was decided to make it into a drama, but I didn’t think that the person who looked like this was in the world view of Urayasu that I was reading, so I gave up half of it. So when I talked to him, I made a guts pose in my room. I thought that there was no one in my memory that looked like this, but when I played it, I felt like I was blended into Urayasu’s daily life, which was so ridiculous that I thought, “Hey, was there someone like me?” I was impressed.
I was very relieved that Otetsu couldn’t speak English three times as much as I expected (laughs). However, I feel that I was able to see what Japan is lacking in the attitude of trying to survive by repeating the tension and the words that the other party said for English that I can not do at all … Also, I was taught by Otetsu I was surprised, but it seems that you can actually drive a Daitetsu taxi with a real car, so I wanted to pick it up on the road once in a lifetime! A service that works hard for customers who are not accustomed to Daitetsu. I think the spirit will serve as a model for everyone in the service industry (laughs). Please see it!