Tokyo’s Corona Virus confirmed to be infected with 195 new people, 4 dead

Tokyo Corona Virus Newly Confirmed 195 Infections Killed 4 September 25 at 9:28 PM

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced today that it has confirmed that 195 new people in Tokyo have been infected with the new coronavirus. They also revealed that four men and women in their 50s and 90s who had been confirmed infected died. Two of them were infected in medical institutions and day service facilities where they were hospitalized.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced today that 195 new men and women in their 10s and 90s have been confirmed infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo.

By age group
5 people under the age of 10,
14 teenagers,
46 people in their 20s,
39 people in their thirties,
40 people in their 40s,
23 people in their 50s,
16 people in their 60s,
7 people in their 70s,
Three people in their 80s,
There are two people in their 90s.

In Tokyo, there were 195 people on the 24th, and the number exceeded 100 for the second consecutive day.

Of the 195 people, 91, or about 47 percent, were in deep contact with people who had been confirmed so far, and about 53 percent said 104 had no known route of infection so far.

out of the thick contact person
The number of people in the family is 27 people,
21 people in the workplace,
There are 10 restaurants with entertainment that is open at night,
There are 8 people at the dinner party,
There are five people in the facility.

Of these, three children under the age of 10 were infected by a father who had been confirmed infected in the home.

In addition, the infection in the workplace includes eight employees of the Takara Food Industry Kasai Plant in Edogawa Ward, where the outbreak occurred.

In addition, one nurse was confirmed infected at Ome City General Hospital in Ome City, and 54 people were confirmed infected at the hospital, which has been reported to the tokyo metropolitan government.

A total of 24,843 people have been confirmed infected in Tokyo.

On the other hand, the number of severe patients as of the 25th, which was calculated by the standards of the capital, increased by one from the 24th to 30 patients.

The city also revealed that four people, a man in his 50s and a man in his 70s, and a man and a woman in their 90s, were killed when the infection was confirmed.

A man in his 50s had a basic kidney disease, a man in his 70s was infected at a medical institution where he was hospitalized, and a woman in her 90s was infected in a day service facility.

This brings the total number of people who died in Tokyo to 399.

Signs of the spread of infection again

The person in charge of the capital said, “The day before last, there were two digits, but on the last two days, there have been nearly 200 infected people. There are signs that the spread of the infection will occur again, and it is an unforgivable situation. We want them to continue to work on measures to prevent infection.”

The situation of the person in the hospital and the number of severe patients

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, of the 24,843 people who were confirmed infected by the 25th in Tokyo, 87 were hospitalized from the 24th to 1083.

Of these, the number of severely ill patients compiled by the standards of the capital increased by one from the 24th to 30.

As of the 25th, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has secured 150 beds for critically ill patients and 2490 beds for patients with or below.

In addition, the number of people recuperating at home is 392, down 22 from the 24th.

The number of people with mild or asytonnia recuperating at the eight hotels opened by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is 169, down three from the 24th.

In addition, the number of people who are being adjusted to be admitted to a medical institution or recuperate at a hotel or at home is 371, down five from the 24th.

On the other hand, there are 22,429 people who have already left the hospital or have finished recuperation at home.