Bollywood dance becomes a habit! “Okoku no Meitante Mira” Japan’s first broadcast!

Disney Channel, which is being broadcast on cable TV and BS / CS broadcasts nationwide, will release a new Bollywood-style animation “Okoku no Meitante Mira” full of songs and dances on Sunday, September 27, 9:00. Will be broadcast for the first time in Japan.

“Okoku no Meitantei Mira” is a mystery-solving adventure that begins when Mira, a girl from the Kingdom of Jarpur, who is good at solving mysteries, is appointed by the queen for her wonderful reasoning power and courage. With his inventor-loving friend Prince Neil, his cousin and best friend Priya, and Miku and Chiku of the mongoose as his companions, Detective Mira leads to the solution of any mystery or incident.

This time, in commemoration of the first broadcast of “Okoku no Meitante Mira” in Japan, the special organization “Okoku no Meitante Mira Kangei Party!” Was added to “Okoku no Meitante Mira”. From “Muppet Babies,” “Mickey Mouse Mixed Adventure,” “Fancy Nancy Clancy,” and “Doc McStuffins,” we picked up episodes that included songs and dances on Sunday, September 27, 7:00. Delivered from.

And in the first episode of “Okoku no Meitantei Mira”, which will be broadcast for the first time in Japan from 9:00 on the same day, which is the final stage of the special organization, “Look for a Joou scarf! / Kietaji Tensha no Mystery”, the Queen Mira, a court detective, challenges the mysteries of various incidents with her friends, such as the scarf that she comes to pick up and the bicycle that she should have left.
Will Mira be able to resolve the case safely …?

A story related to Indian culture and customs, music and art that feels India, and a choreographer’s authentic Bollywood dance may make your heart happy just by watching it ⁉︎ New Bollywood style full of songs and dances Let’s enjoy the animation with your family!

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