Jaru Jaru wins the long-sought KOC for the 13th time “I’m glad I kept trying without giving up”

The final of “King of Conte 2020”, which decides “the best in Japan”, was broadcast live on TBS on the 26th (19: 00-), and the laughing combination Jaru Jaru, who participated 13 times in a row, achieved the long-sought victory. After the broadcast, he spoke to the press about his feelings. Jaru Jaru Junpei Goto and Shusuke Fukutoku Jaru Jaru won the long-awaited first victory in the 1st to 13th consecutive appearances and the 4th final advance. Fukutoku said, “Since it was the 13th time, entertainers with the same art history had declined, but we have been persistently appearing, and I wonder if that is all right, and the art history has been 17 or 18 years. I was worried that we could go to a tournament where young people should shine, but I really wanted to win, so I challenged myself. I’m glad I didn’t give up and continued to challenge, from the bottom of my heart. ” Confessing his feelings while revealing the conflict. Goto said, “I was frustrated 12 times after trying from the first time, and sometimes I was dented to the point where I felt crazy. There was a long time when I couldn’t even make it to the final, but I won the championship like this. The regrettable feelings have been blown away. I’m in the process of realizing that this is the champion or this is the champion. ”He said with joy,“ Look at yourself objectively and say, “Let ’s win the championship.” I thought. Objectively, the scolding encouragement reached Jaru Jaru. ” When asked who he wanted to convey the joy of winning, Fukutoku said, “My family has been supporting me for a long time, and I wanted to live up to my expectations someday, and the Yoshimoto employees who work with me. , I want to say “Thank you so far” to the radio writers and staff, and I want to say “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart to the fans, “and” The second story is the instructor at NSC. I got a bad idea from my teacher. I would like to thank my senior entertainer, Mr. Abe Koji, for giving me the best advice, and my teacher and senior entertainer for polishing the second story. ” Goto said, “It’s exactly the same. Fukutoku told me everything.” “I think my parents, as well as my children, were supporting me in front of the TV today, but at home,” It helped me because he said, “Please win the championship.” My wife was crying for some reason before I left home. I was able to help my family’s expectations, “he confessed to his family. In response to Fukutoku, who had just announced his marriage to a general woman of the same age on the 13th of this month, Goto said, “What is your wife? New marriage?” Fukutoku said, “Eegana. I’m more embarrassed than I thought I was married. ” Fukutoku, who shed tears at the moment when the championship was decided, said, “I can’t believe I won the championship. I’ve been out since the first tournament, and I’m envious of seeing it since Akihiro Kimura won the championship. I’ve been feeling frustrated for a long time. I felt like I won the championship, and when I tried to talk, I was shocked. I didn’t feel like I was crying so much. ” In the tears of his partner, Goto said, “I saw tears of regret at the time of” M-1 Grand Prix “, so it’s not the first time I’ve seen tears, but I see Fukutoku who is joyful and tears. “This was a magnificent view,” he laughed and said, “We’re together from high school. It’s hard for Fukutoku to cry because he was a man who didn’t cry even if he lost the last rugby retired match in the same rugby club. I think it is. ” In the final, 10 teams from Takine, GAG, Long Court Daddy, Air Stairs, Jaru Jaru, The Geese, Urutora Buggies, President of Japan, New York and Jungle Pocket, who have won from 1707 entries, will participate. Jaru Jaru, New York, and Air Stairs advanced to the final stage, and Jaru Jaru, who had the highest total score with the first stage, won the King’s crown and the winning prize of 10 million yen. (C) TBS