Major League Cubs Darvish 7th goalless league top 8th win

Major League Cubs Darvish 7th goalless league top 8th win September 26 14:18

On the 25th, Darvish, the Cubs’ pitcher in the major leagues, pitched his last start of the regular season against the White Sox, giving up his eighth win of the league with a runless run in the seventh inning.
Darvish has won seven of the league’s top titles so far this season, as well as the league’s top defense and strikeouts, and is drawing attention to whether he will be the first Japanese player to win the Cy Young Award, which is given to the most active pitcher of the season in each league.

On the 25th, he was on the starting mound at the end of the regular season and faced the same Chicago-based White Sox.

Darvish did not give the opposing batting line a run from the start with a sharp change ball and a strong fastball. In the third inning, he led off the third inning with two outs, but he struck out the next batter with a fastball in the second half of the 150-kilometer range, overcoming the pinch. After the fourth inning, he kept his opponent’s batting line down with a sharp cut ball and pitched up to seven innings without stepping on third base, and his teammates also took a massive lead to support Darvish pitchers.

Darvish pitched 94 pitches and finished the last pitch of the regular season with three hits, one foreball and five strikeouts.

Darvish, the Cubs’ 10-0 win over Darvish, won the game for the eighth time in the league.

Darvish started 12 games this season with eight wins and three losses and a 2.01 defense.

“I was confident that I could push it straight.”

Darvish, who won his eighth game at the top of the league, said, “I’m very glad I had the strength to be straight. I was confident that I could push today’s straight, and I threw a lot of change balls in the last Game against the White Sox, so I pushed them straight today.”

On top of that, he talked about how close he was to winning the title for the first time in Japan, “we’re all in the same situation in a short season, so I’m confident that I’m the best in that.”

As for the expected Cy Young Award, he said, “The season is not over yet.”

In the lead-up to the playoffs, he said, “I don’t think there will be any special atmosphere change because the fans are not in the stadium. I think the season will continue in the future, so I want to do the same thing as in the season.”