Nippon’s president delights in the first KOC final “Get closer” to his friend Shimofuri Myojo

The final of “King of Tale 2020”, which decides “the best in Japan”, will be broadcast live on TBS on the 26th (19: 00 ~). We asked Tsuji and Ketsu, the president of the comedy duo Nippon, who decided to advance to the final for the first time, about their enthusiasm. Nippon’s president Tsuji (left) and Ketsu’s president who got a ticket to the final in the third semi-final. Tsuji said, “I haven’t made it to the finals even though I’m focusing on Tale, and I couldn’t say that I was a Tale teacher, so I won this time and said,” We are Tale teachers! ” Enthusiastic, Ketsu said, “My partner is making all the material, and I think it’s really interesting. I wanted to release that material to the world and evaluate it more, so my partner said. The joy of being able to show off interesting writing material on TV is the strongest, “he said. Ketsu, who praised Tsuji’s story, explained its charm, saying, “My partner’s story is set up with ideas that are like hanging out with other people. That is the most amazing thing.” On the other hand, Tsuji said about Ketsu, “I have a strong throat. I have stamina that a normal person might collapse. Also, I have a look that I have never seen. A new one that I have never met You can look like a living thing. That’s one of our strengths. ” Ketsu, who once lived with Marbled Myojo’s Seiya, said on YouTube that Seiya would cry when he went to the final. “I saw that too. Please say so. I was glad I was able to do that because I thought I couldn’t respond to it, “he said.” They’re on TV right now, so I’ll get closer to them little by little. We’re doing it. I want to show up. I’m a friend. ” Tsuji said, “I’m on good terms with the crude products. When I fell in the quarterfinals of last year’s” King of Conte “, or when I fell in the award race, LINE came from him. I was really encouraged by that. (Advance to the finals) I called him first. He was very pleased. ” This time, “Comedy Day 2020” (14: 00-21: 54), in which downtown is the general MC, will be broadcast live for 8 hours. The final of “King of Conte 2020” will be broadcast as the finale. Ten groups of Urutora Buggies, Air Stairs, The Geese, GAG, Jaru Jaru, Jungle Pocket, Takine, President of Japan, New York, and Long Court Daddy (in alphabetical order) will advance to the final. Which group will win the fierce battle and win the title of King and the winning prize of 10 million yen?