On the 14th day of the Grand Sumo Tournament, Masayo Sekiwaki defended two defeats and bedthed to the top alone.

On the 14th day of the Grand Sumo Tournament, Masayo Sekiwaki defended two defeats and went to the top alone on September 26 at 10:03 p.m.

On the 14th day of the Grand Sumo Autumn Tournament, Masayo Sekiwaki defended his second loss by defeating Oseki Asanoyama, while Shosaru, the new addition, lost to Takakage Katsuki Oseki for the third loss. In the autumn, Masayo, who had defended two defeats, was at the top of the standings alone.
It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

Ten tochigi trees in Mt. Kashiwamatsu are built by Mt. Matsutake.

Ishiura’s ten-car momentum was thrown out by Ishiura.

The sea of Sada is cut off by the sea of Sada in the castle.

Shimanoumi is pushed out by Keiko Tsuji. Shimanoumi has lost.

Tokukatsu Ryu is pushed out by Katsumine. TokukatsuRyu is a defeat.

Ryuden is thrown well by Ryuden.

In Asahiyama, Shosei is pushed out by Shosei.

Toyoshoryu is tossed by Toyoshoryu.

Myogiryu is pushed down by Myomei-ryu. Myogiryu was defeated.

The flame is sent out by the flame.

Takayasu and Kitakatsu Fuji are in high school.

Kashiwanoshin won the game with a close cut-off.

Abusaki’s victory was against Takataka’s victory.

The sea of Oki was overtaken by Mt. Kirima.

Daieisho is pushed out by Takarafuji to Toho Fuji.

Wakataka-kai won the game by throwing a poor throw at the Mitaka Sea.

Kashiwa Masayo and Oseki Asanoyama defended their two defeats with Masayo’s push-down. Asanoyama lost for the fourth time.

Shosaru defended three defeats with a knock-in win over Takakagekatsu. Shosaru retreated to three losses.

After the 14th day of autumn, the championship fight was narrowed down to three people: Masayo, who lost two games, and Shosaru, who had lost three games.

Masayo’s promotion to Oseki Chiakiraku to discuss

On the 26th of the 14th day, the referees’ club of the Japan Sumo Association will discuss the promotion of Masayo Sekiwaki, who was on the top of the standings with his 12th victory, to Chiakiraku on the 27th.

This was revealed to the press on the 26th by Takatagawa, who served as the referee’s chief in the second half of the Makuuchi session.

Takatagawa said of Masayo Sumo, who defended two defeats on the 14th day and stood alone at the top of the sumo tournament, “It’s a head-to-head game without hesitation, and it’s a good feeling without any small work. I’m taking good sumo.”

On top of that, he said about the promotion of Oseki after the place, “It will be a decision tomorrow. It’s a decision I made after seeing sumo tomorrow.”

On the 27th, Masayo will play against Shosaru, who has lost three games, and if he wins, he will win the championship for the first time.

President Yakaku “Masayo: How to win is wonderful”

The president of the Japan Sumo Association, Masayo Sekiwaki, said of the first defeat of Oseki Asanoyama, “Masayo won the horsepower. Asanoyama was not a bad stand-up either, but Masayo’s horsepower floated his body. We should praise Masayo today.”

On top of that, Masayo defeated Oseki for the second day in a row and said, “It’s great that we’ve won 12 games so far. While the two Yokozuna are resting, they are excellent and the content is good.”

The ten-car victory is Chiyo no Kuni.

In the autumn sumo tournament, Chiyokuni won the match and defended their first loss, winning their third ten-car championship without waiting for Chiakiraku on the 27th.

After the 13th day of the autumn season, Chiyo’s country was followed by Mt. Akise with only one loss and three losses.

On the 26th of the 14th day, Chiyokuni defended their first loss by pushing down Wakamoto Haru, and decided to win the 10-car championship for the third time without waiting for Chiakiraku.

Chiyokuni is a 30-year-old from Iga City, Mie Prefecture.

I entered The Kude room, stepped on the first ring in the summer place of 2006, and played a new entry curtain in the first place in 2012.

In the summer place of 2017 because of the fierce sumo wrestling centering on the push- push, I raised the number to the head of the east front, but hurt the ligament of the left knee in the first place of last year.

After that, I had surgery and was closed four places in a row and fell under the curtain.

Now that they won the Makushita championship in July and returned to the ten-car tournament, they showed sumo that overwhelmed their opponents with their own push and piled up the white star, and from the fifth day they won 10 consecutive games to win the 10-car championship.

Chiyokuni said, “I was a little nervous, but I’m glad I was able to concentrate. I’m glad to be honest. I’m doing my best without being worried about the place right now. We have one more day to go, so I want to think about working hard.”