Self-promotion tips and example sentences that can be used as a reference when you want to convey your seriousness

In order to convey seriousness as an advantage, it is necessary to devise a little in terms of expression and communication. In this article, I will explain the points to convey as an advantage when self-promoting seriousness. In addition, when expressing seriousness, I will introduce how to replace it with other words and the individuality that should be appealed together to convey that seriousness is an advantage. Tips for appealing “seriousness” through self-promotion There are several points to successfully appeal to recruiters through self-promotion. Tips for promoting “seriousness” through self-promotion

Paraphrase “serious” into a concrete expression

The word serious is used for both strengths and weaknesses, so it can sound like a weakness depending on the flow of the story. Therefore, the recommended method is to paraphrase seriousness into concrete expressions. By expressing what kind of seriousness you are, you will be able to hear seriousness as an advantage. The following is an example of a sentence that translates seriousness into a concrete expression. My strength is the earnestness to go through to the end without giving up. My strength is the seriousness of working steadily. I have a serious sense of responsibility in my work. My strength is that I am willing to work hard on everything. If you can express your own seriousness, let’s start creating a self-promotion statement.

Explain the words of the paraphrased positive image in the conclusion

It will be easier to create a self-promotion statement if you proceed with the examination with the following structure. Order Contents Explanation 1 Conclusion Briefly explain your strengths 2 Challenges Challenges to be solved from past episodes 3 Solution by appeal points Explain how you solved the problem with your own strengths 4 Results What are the results of the solution? Best 5 if you can use numbers to see if you have achieved results. Last PR Explain how you can contribute to the company by using your strengths. Sentences that paraphrase seriousness into concrete expressions can express your strengths in a straightforward manner. It can be used as the “conclusion” of 1.

Think of past episodes that show seriousness

Next, recall past episodes that could explain the conclusions you want to convey. For past episodes, choose one that gives you a personal touch. If you can find an episode, write a sentence in the order of problem, solution, and result. From that episode, I will explain what problems were encountered, how they were solved, and how the results were.

I will explain how to utilize it for serious work at the end

If you can explain the specific content of the appeal point in the past episode part, think about the final self-promotion. Consider how you can contribute to the company by taking advantage of the strengths you have explained so far. This part is important as an appeal to the company. When the self-promotion statement is complete, read it all over and see if there is any logical contradiction. It is also important to check whether your serious part is what you can accept as an advantage. A collection of expressions for self-promotion by paraphrasing seriousness To avoid the risk of seriousness being heard as a weakness, consider whether you can paraphrase it into another expression. The table below summarizes expressions that can be used in other words and examples of sentences that use those expressions. Paraphrasing sentence example I have a sense of responsibility My strength is a sense of responsibility to perform the roles I have been entrusted with. Hard worker My strength is that I am a hard worker who tackles difficult things head-on. Patience I have the patience to endure any situation.
My strength is that I can be patient with any relationship. Go through to the end My motto is to go through to the end once you decide. Planning My strength is that I always make a plan before proceeding. Working hard My strength is the ability to concentrate on everything. Stable Continuity I have the advantage of ensuring that the plans I have made are accomplished.
My strength is the sense of stability in working steadily. Take the opinions of others seriously I have the earnestness to listen to the opinions of others and take in advice. There are many other paraphrase expressions that add to the seriousness. Let’s consider it carefully with your own expression. A collection of expressions for self-promotion by paraphrasing seriousness

When expressing seriousness as a weakness

When explaining the strengths and weaknesses in self-promotion, seriousness may be mentioned as a weakness. In interviews, you may ask questions to answer your weaknesses. When expressing seriousness as a weakness, there are “holding alone”, “too careful”, and “it is difficult to change direction”. When explaining seriousness as a weakness, also include a follow-up explanation on how to overcome the weakness of seriousness. If you keep mentioning the weaknesses, it doesn’t give a very good impression. Examples of self-promotion of seriousness in your resume Here are some examples of 200 characters as example sentences of self-promotion of seriousness in your resume. An example sentence to self-promote seriousness with a resume

Achieve the goal by working hard to acquire the qualification

The higher the difficulty level, the more qualification is required, and it is a good episode that appeals to you seriously. Let’s summarize what you have done in your self-promotion statement, how you passed the desired qualification. (Conclusion)
My strength is the seriousness of setting goals and steadily executing them. (Task)
I wanted to work in IT, so I aimed to acquire the qualification of an applied information engineer by the time I started job hunting. (Solution by appeal point)
In order to qualify as a basic information engineer in my second year of university and an applied information engineer in the fall of my third year of university, I made a schedule and studied in time for the exam. (Outcome)
As a result, I passed the exam in the scheduled grade. (Last PR)
I would like to contribute to your company by taking advantage of this seriousness and steadily proceeding with my work.

Appeal for continuity in part-time job

If you have been working part-time for a long time, consider whether you can appeal the seriousness of being able to continue working. The following is an example sentence that emphasizes that you have continued to work even in difficult situations. (Conclusion)
My strength is the seriousness of being persistent in everything. (Task)
The part-time job was a workplace where the store manager was very strict and people changed rapidly. (Solution by appeal point)
I tried to keep working by trying to relieve stress and change my mood. Conversations with like-minded part-timers and planned vacations helped me to change my mood. (Outcome)
As a result, I have been working part-time at that one place. (Last PR)
Taking advantage of this tenacity, I would like to contribute to your company by devising ways to continue working even in difficult situations.

Appeal of responsibility in student life (club activities / seminar activities)

In your student life, if you have experience of dealing with things responsibly in club activities or seminar activities, let’s show your seriousness through the episodes. The following is an example sentence that I was in charge of accounting in club activities and responded to the problem responsibly. (Conclusion)
My strength is the seriousness of taking responsibility for everything. (Task)
I was in charge of accounting in club activities, but my predecessor left the person who was behind in the club expenses, and the accounting process was sloppy. (Solution by appeal point)
I organized the books, patiently negotiated with the delinquents of the club expenses, and collected the club expenses steadily. (Outcome)
As a result, accounting was normalized in the year I was in charge, and no one was behind in paying the department expenses. (Last PR)
I would like to contribute to your company by taking advantage of this sense of responsibility and responding to problems.

Appeal of perseverance on the intern

An intern who can have a different work experience from a part-time job. If you are experiencing a long-term internship, remember if there are any episodes that can show your patience and seriousness. (Conclusion)
My strength is the patience that once I start, I don’t throw it out in the middle. (Task)
On the first day of the internship, I was shocked that I had no discretion in my work and could only do the same job as a part-time job. (Solution by appeal point)
However, I immediately realized that this work was not so sweet as to have discretion, so I focused more on the work. (Outcome)
As a result, from the second month onward, I was given discretionary power and had a good working experience. (Last PR)
Taking advantage of this perseverance, I will steadily proceed with my work and contribute to your company.

Appeal of prudentness and perseverance in the previous job (when changing jobs)

When changing jobs, I will appeal the seriousness from the experience of the previous job. Here, I will introduce an example sentence that emphasizes caution and perseverance in the work of the previous job. (Conclusion)
My strength is the seriousness of working carefully and reliably. (Task)
I was in charge of inspection in my previous job, but now I am in charge of inspecting products with very poor quality. (Solution by appeal point)
After examining the defect list and noticing that there were many similar defects, I summarized the review viewpoints and shared them with all the development and inspection teams, and proceeded with the inspection carefully. (Outcome)
As a result, the product did not cause any major problems after shipping and grew into a hit product of the company. (Last PR)
We would like to utilize this seriousness in your inspection and contribute to our business performance. Planned self-promotion in your resume In your resume, we will explain in more detail the self-promotion summarized in your resume. By adding depth to past episodes and solutions, you can create a more compelling self-promotion statement. In the following, we will introduce example sentences with a suitable amount of sentences for work history. Planned self-promotion example sentences in work history

Appeal the caution in the previous job (general job)

My strength is the seriousness of working carefully and reliably. (Task)
As a general affairs, I was working to support the work of the department from the side. I am in charge of all miscellaneous tasks such as processing documents to be submitted to accounting and travel expense slips. The most difficult point was that many people did not submit their submissions easily. (Solution by appeal point)
I made a list of submissions in Excel, managed it so that the deadline, who submitted it, and who did not submit it at a glance, and made the list public to all departments. By doing this, it became easier to follow the submission of documents, and it became possible to follow without omission. In addition, by always reading the submitted documents and reducing mistakes, we prevented people in the department or department to submit the documents from being taken care of by correcting the documents. (Outcome)
As a result, I was thankful to the chief of the general affairs department for making few mistakes in the submitted documents in my department. (Last PR)
Taking advantage of this caution, I would like to contribute by making sure that your company also works.

Appeal of responsibility in previous job (sub-leader or above)

My strength is a sense of responsibility to get the job done even in difficult situations. (Task)
I used to work as a hotel supervisor in my previous job. In order to make our guests feel comfortable, we paid particular attention to cleaning the hotel, always checking the situation after the bed was made, and striving to maintain the cleaning level. One day, an emergency occurred in which the arrival of linen was delayed and bed makeup could not be made. I had no experience with such troubles and was at a loss. (Solution by appeal point)
I immediately contacted other linen companies. We urgently procured linen of the required size. At the same time, we have devised ways to reduce bed-making time by securing personnel for bed-making across departments. (Outcome)
As a result, I managed to make it in time to provide the room by the check-in time. (Last PR)
Taking advantage of this sense of responsibility and flexible responsiveness, I would like to contribute to your work by responding flexibly to the situation.

Appeal of perseverance in the previous position (sales position)

My strength is the earnestness to patiently negotiate with the other party and win the trust. (Task)
I was in the sales position, but I was good at dealing with troubles. One of the complaints I had a hard time with was the case where the client was furious because the company’s product did not work due to a problem. The product repair department said that it would take about a month to repair, and the client strongly requested that it be moved within a week, making negotiations extremely difficult. (Solution by appeal point)
I negotiated with the repair department and persuaded the client to complete the repair in two weeks, sincerely apologized to the client for their inadequacies, explained the situation of the repair department of the company, and completed the repair in two weeks. Convinced him to move specially to do. Even after installing the approval and starting the repair, we reported the situation to the client side one by one and took care not to damage the trust. (Outcome)
As a result, the product went live in two weeks, and we received compliments from our clients. (Last PR)
I would like to utilize our steady bargaining power to earn the trust of our clients and contribute to our business performance.

Appeal the careful work behavior in the previous job (technical job)

My strength is the seriousness of working carefully and reliably. (Task)
In my previous job, I was in charge of the back-end part of a certain financial system. When I participated in a project to integrate some functions with another system, there was a very poor quality function and I was in charge of it. (Solution by appeal point)
I investigated the cause of many defects. As a result, we confirmed the fact that communication with the person in charge of the partner was incomplete and there were many discrepancies in detailed specifications, and we proceeded with improvements. I discussed the specifications that I did not understand with the person in charge of the cooperation partner and focused on eliminating any unclear points. In addition, after discussing the specifications, we always shared the specifications decided on the spot with the whole team and paid attention to omission of contact. (Outcome)
As a result of focusing on improving the quality of the design, the quality of the problem function has improved significantly. The system has been successfully released and is running steadily. (Last PR)
We would like to utilize this seriousness in your inspection and contribute to our business performance.

Appeal for continuity in qualification acquisition

My strength is the continuity of striving to achieve big goals. (Task)
It is said that the qualification of a registered management consultant requires more than 1000 hours of studying for the exam, and it is necessary to study in a long and planned manner. Since I work unrelated to a registered management consultant, I had to consider not only how to spend time studying, but also how to proceed with studying by myself or attending a prep school. (Solution by appeal point)
First of all, I thoroughly investigated the experiences of qualified people who worked in other fields like me. There were various study methods, but I decided that it would be better to use a prep school to study, so I proceeded with the exam study in a three-year plan. The plan is to take the first exam in the second year after attending a prep school, and the second exam by self-education in the third year. (Outcome)
As a result, three years after I started studying for the exam, I got a qualification as a registered management consultant. (Last PR)
I would like to contribute to your company by taking advantage of the ingenuity to achieve this big goal and the continuity of carrying out the decided plan. Points to self-promote seriousness in an interview I will explain the points to self-promote seriousness in an interview in two points. Points to self-promote seriousness in an interview

Corrected self-promotion text to make it easier to speak

It may be difficult to speak the self-promotion statement in your resume or resume as it is. Actually read it a few times, record your own voice, adjust the parts that are difficult to read, and correct the sentences so that they are easy to speak.

Assuming an answer to the downside of seriousness

At the interview, you will be asked about the content of your self-promotion, but let’s assume the question especially about the downside of seriousness. Be prepared to explain the downsides of seriousness when asked, “Did you hold it alone and fail?” Or “When you feel seriousness is negative.” When explaining the downsides, be sure to explain how you cover the downsides. Your impression will change greatly depending on whether you are aware of the downsides and convey that you are thinking and acting in your own way. Advantages that you want to appeal as a set with seriousness There are some advantages that are effective when appealing as a set with seriousness. Below are three examples. Advantages that you want to appeal as a set with seriousness

Communication skills that cannot be held by one person

One of the downsides of seriousness that is often pointed out is that one person has a problem. You can tell the hiring manager that you don’t have to worry about having a problem by yourself by appealing the advantages of talking to others and solving the problem without having to carry it.

Objectivity to think whether the direction of effort is wrong

Some serious people waste their physical strength and energy in the wrong direction. The advantage of solving this problem is the objectivity of determining whether you are in the right direction or wrong. If you add to the appeal that you are willing to check whether your work is performing well and accept the evaluations of others, you will also be able to convey that you have the objectivity to confirm your own behavior.

Schedule management ability to ensure work progress

Ability to work as planned and seriousness are compatible characteristics. By appealing together, you can naturally tell that you do not have to worry about “serious but slow work”. Let’s express seriousness concretely and promote yourself Seriousness is an advantage that can be a sufficient weapon even in job hunting. When promoting yourself, be sure to convey two points: to express your seriousness concretely and how you plan to contribute to the company by taking advantage of its strengths. Please succeed in job hunting and job hunting and acquire a new job by self-promotion that appeals to you seriously.