The world’s largest Beijing Motor Show opens five months late

The world’s largest Beijing Motor Show opens five months late September 26 at 12:39 p.m.

The Beijing Motor Show, the world’s largest exhibition of new cars, began in China. In China, which emphasizes the results of infection control measures, sales of new cars continue to recover, and manufacturers are focused on appealing the latest models, such as electric vehicles, at the venue.
The Beijing Motor Show was scheduled to be held in April, but was postponed due to the new coronavirus and opened five months late on the 26th.

At the entrance of the venue as a countermeasure against infectious diseases, we recently ask you to display a “health code” on your smartphone screen, which is indicated in three colors: green, yellow, and red, by examining the history of people who have been infected.

Although the number of motor shows has decreased slightly from the usual number of cars to more than 780 units, the motor show has been canceled one after another in Europe and the United States, and the organizers say it is the only major motor show in the world.

China’s auto market has been hit hard by the spread of infection, but new car sales have been picking up for the fifth month in a row, surpassing the same month last year on the back of the effects of the government’s economic measures.

For this reason, automakers want to expand sales in China, and since competition for “new energy vehicles” such as electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, which the Chinese government is supporting, is intensifying, the venue is focused on appealing the performance of electric vehicles and the latest driver assistance functions.