Voices of acclaim for the ballroom dance of Jesse and Noriko Eguchi “It’s too much of a picture” Ryosuke Yamada starring “Kiwadoi 2” Episode 3

The third episode of the drama “Kiwadoi 2 people-K2-Ikebukuro Station Criminal Division Kanzaki / Kuroki” (TBS series, every Friday from 22:00) starring Ryosuke Yamada was broadcast on September 25th. On the Internet, attention was focused on the ballroom dance scene of Yamada and co-star Jesse (hereinafter, spoilers are included).

This work is a criminal drama based on the criminal novel “K2 Ikebukuro Police Criminal Division Kanzaki / Kuroki” by Dai Yokozeki, who won the 56th Edogawa Rampo Prize, and has a personality set in the Ikebukuro Police Criminal Division / Forced Criminal Section. It depicts two people who have opposite values ​​and investigation policies and challenge the case while repeating conflicts.

As half-brothers, Kanzaki (Yamada) and Kuroki (Kei Tanaka), who live together under one roof but just disagree. One day, an Apoden robbery, which is an evolution of the Oreore fraud, occurs within the jurisdiction of the Ikebukuro station where the two work. Apoden robbery is a robbery who calls the target’s house in advance to confirm that he is at home and then breaks in. It is a modern crime in which people who do not know their background form a team, but it is said that there is a weakness that it is easy to cause a dispute within the team because the connection is weak.

A member of the Criminal Division / Forced Criminal Officer, who was convinced that the man wearing the mask of the main criminal clown would convene his friends again and rob the Apoden, started the investigation immediately. Then, it turns out that all the victims of the Apo Den robbery so far were members of the ballroom dance club. Kuroki glared at the club’s grandson as suspicious, and carried out an infiltration operation called “Shall we dance operation.” Kanzaki participated in a one-day trial lesson with colleagues Moroboshi (Jesse), Kimura (Noriko Eguchi), and collaborator Ayano (Nagisa Sekimizu), and Kuroki proceeded with the investigation.

Then, as another clown candidate, a man named Ryunosuke Makino (Hiroya Shimizu), who runs a rice shop with his grandmother, emerged on the investigation line. Kanzaki, who had become close to Makino in the interview investigation, asked Kuroki, who doubts Makino, “Does Mr. Kuroki have a desire to believe in someone!” And said, “How would you grow up, you doubt people so much?” You shouldn’t say, “Will you be like that?”

Kuroki, who is suspicious of everything from his belief as a detective, and Kanzaki, who is kind and believes in sexuality. When Kuroki secretly proceeded with the DNA test and found that Makino had a 0.000001% chance of being a clown man, Kanzaki said, “I’m glad, but I’m relieved. Now Ryunosuke is a clown. It was proved that he was a different person, “he said. On the other hand, Kuroki felt something caught in the word “another person” from Kanzaki.

This work has many highlights, such as the light interaction between the two people that continues from the first episode and the story that has been elaborated, but this time, the audience’s response was great, after all Yamada and Jesse wore flashy costumes. A ballroom dance scene that challenged me. Yamada paired with Sekisui and Jesse paired with Eguchi to perform a splendid dance.

On the net, there are many acclaimed voices for their dance. Comments such as “Mr. Kanzaki, who was moss in the ballroom dance but prioritized the safety of Ayano-chan, was too cool and awkward,” and “Jesse and Noriko Eguchi’s paintings are too much (laughs).”

In addition, Jesse’s action explodes in the scene where the clown’s friends are exhausted. Like the ballroom dance, many viewers seemed to be attracted to the long legs, “I was fascinated by the length of Jesse’s legs …” “I want more of Jesse’s splendid action! I want to see more!” Posts such as “I want to enjoy it !!” were seen.

Next time, in the fourth episode of the broadcast on October 2, Kanzaki and Kuroki set out to investigate the missing high school student case.