Actor Yuko Takeuchi dies at the age of 40

Actor Yuko Takeuchi dies September 27, 40 at 8:49 a.m.

Yuko Takeuchi, a popular actor who has appeared in many dramas and movies, has passed away. He was 40 years old. According to the person concerned, it is considered suicide.
The deceased was actor Yuko Takeuchi, 40.

According to the person concerned, Takeuchi-san was found to be sly in an apartment building in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo early on the morning of the 27th. After that, he was taken to the hospital, but his death was confirmed.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the situation in detail because it seems to be a suicide based on the situation at the scene.

Takeuchi has appeared in many movies and TV dramas and won the Japan Academy Award for Best Actress for her films “YomoE” and “Spring Snow.”

In the NHK program, in addition to playing the heroine of the serial TV novel “Asuka” which was broadcast from 1999, he played the role of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s beloved side room and tea in the Okawa drama “Sanadamaru” broadcasted in 2016.

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