Construction of hydrogen plant using wind power generation in France: Production without carbon dioxide

Construction of a hydrogen plant using wind power in France Manufactured without carbon dioxide September 27 at 5:17 a.m.

In France, a plant will be built to produce hydrogen, which is considered the next generation of energy, without emitting carbon dioxide using wind power, which is expected to be a project to decarbonize energy.
A hydrogen manufacturing plant will be built by a French startup along the sea near western Nantes with the support of local governments and other organizations, and a press conference was held on May 26.

The plant receives power directly from a nearby wind turbine to produce hydrogen from seawater, so it does not emit carbon dioxide, which causes global warming, during the manufacturing process.

According to companies, this is the first hydrogen manufacturing plant in Europe that only use renewable energy.

The plant is scheduled to start operations in May next year, and will produce up to 1 ton of hydrogen a day and be supplied to hydrogen buses operating in the surrounding area.

Hydrogen-fueled vehicles and aircraft are being developed around the world because they do not emit carbon dioxide, but in most cases greenhouse gases are emitted in the process of making hydrogen.

This plant, which does not emit carbon dioxide during the manufacturing process, is expected to be a project to further decarbonize energy.

Machu Generale, CEO of the company, said, “If hydrogen is produced using fossil fuels, it doesn’t have anything to do with gasoline. That’s why we need hydrogen, which is produced without emitting carbon dioxide.”