Domestic infection: 3 new deaths, 470 infections (as of 6:30 p.m.)

Domestic infection: 3 new deaths, 470 infections (as of 6:30 p.m.) September 27, 7:11 p.m.

So far, 470 infections have been announced nationwide.
In addition, three deaths were announced in Saitama, Ishikawa, and Fukui Prefectures.
People who have been confirmed infected in the country,
82,284 people, including quarantine at the airport,
A total of 82,996 passengers and crew members on the cruise ship are 712.
The person who died
1550 people infected in the country,
A total of 1563 people are on board the cruise ship.
The total number of people who have been confirmed infected in Japan is as follows:
( ) is the new number of infected people on the 27th.

Tokyo has 25,257 people (144)
Osaka Prefecture has 14,447 (48)
Kanagawa Prefecture has 6739 people (65)
Aichi Prefecture has 5302 people (49)
Fukuoka Prefecture: 5027 (4)
Saitama Prefecture: 4579 (35)
Kashiwa Chiba Prefecture has 3791 people (21)
Hyogo Prefecture has 2674 people (16)
2427 people in Okinawa Prefecture (20)
Hokkaido has 2058 people (19)
Kyoto Prefecture has 1731 people (5)
Ishikawa Prefecture has 776 people (3)
Gunma Prefecture has 699 people (1)
Ibaraki Prefecture has 638 people (1)
There are 616 people in Gifu Prefecture.
Kumamoto Prefecture has 572 people
There are 562 people in Nara Prefecture.
Shizuoka Prefecture has 532 people (2)
Hiroshima Prefecture has 518 people (2)
Mie Prefecture has 495 people (1)
Shiga Prefecture has 495 people (5)
Tochigi Prefecture has 426 people
Toyama Prefecture has 412 people
Kagoshima Prefecture has 411 people (6)
In Kashiwa Miyagi Prefecture, there are 392 people (3)
Miyazaki Prefecture has 365 people
Nagano Prefecture has 305 people (2)
Fukushima Prefecture has 247 people (5)
Saga Prefecture has 245 people
244 people in Fukui Prefecture
Wakayama Prefecture has 240 people (2)
Nagasaki Prefecture has 236 people
Yamaguchi Prefecture has 198 people (2)
There are 181 people in Asahi Yamanashi Prefecture.
There are 170 people in Niigata Prefecture.
There are 158 people in Oita Prefecture.
Okayama Prefecture has 153 people (1)
There are 147 people in Tokushima Prefecture.
There are 140 people in Asahi Shimane Prefecture.
138 people in Kochi Prefecture (1)
There are 114 people in Ehime Prefecture.
There are 94 people in Kagawa Prefecture.
There are 78 people in Asahi Yamagata Prefecture.
There are 53 people in Akita Prefecture.
There are 36 people in Tottori Prefecture.
There are 35 people in Aomori Prefecture.
There are 23 people in Iwate Prefecture.

In addition to this
935 people (7) were infected in quarantine at the airport.
A total of 173 people have returned from China on charter flights, including state officials and quarantine officers.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, 160 people (+4) have been confirmed infected with the new coronavirus and are receiving treatment on ventilators, intensive care rooms, etc.

On the other hand, people who have been discharged from the hospital because their symptoms have improved
74,607 people infected in the country,
A total of 75,266 passengers and crew members on the cruise ship are 659.

In addition, on the 24th of this month, 17,507 PCR tests were carried out in the preliminary figures.

Okinawa reduced one person on the 19th and 25th as negative.
Kanagawa reduced the number of positives in 8/23, 25, 9/14 and 19 by one.
The total is likely to be revised at a later date.
Note: We do not include U.S. military infected people in Japan.