Just before the final episode! Announcing the popular character ranking of “Naoki Hanzawa”

On September 25, SELF announced the results of a survey on the TBS drama “Naoki Hanzawa” conducted on the smartphone app “SELF” provided by the company. The survey period was September 23-24, 2020, and valid responses were 4,862. Favorite character, 1st place is “Naoki Hanzawa” What is your favorite character of “Naoki Hanzawa”? When asked if you are watching “Naoki Hanzawa”, 24.3% of about 1 in 4 people “watch” Answered. It was as high as the audience rating survey (the average audience rating of households in the Kanto area in episode 9 announced by Video Research was 24.6%). When asked about his favorite character, the main character, “Naoki Hanzawa” (250 votes), was the leader. Below, 2nd place “Akatsuki Owada” (146 votes), 3rd place “Shunichi Kurosaki” (90 votes), 4th place “Shinobu Tomari” (70 votes), 5th place “Hana Hanzawa” (45 votes), popular characters In addition, the characters that support Hanzawa also ranked high. My favorite line is the classic “double return” (176 votes). Next, 2nd place “End DEATH” (66 votes), 3rd place “Give back” (37 votes), 4th place “1000 times return” (28 votes), 5th place “Return if done”, famous lines by popular characters Lined up. When asked who would be good if a spin-off was produced, 1st place was “Akatsuki Owada” (143 votes), 2nd place was “Shinobu Tomari” (113 votes), and 3rd place was “Shunichi Kurosaki” (111 votes). Although popular characters ranked in the top three, votes tended to be decentralized. According to the survey, “the viewers want to see the stories of a wide range of characters.” When the next work was made, 93.0% answered that they would “see it”, and 98% especially in their 60s and above. On the other hand, the most common reason for not watching the unwatched group was “I don’t watch TV” at 36%. This was followed by “somehow” at 25%, “timing not right” at 24%, and “I don’t like talking” at 15%.