Aya Hazuki releases a sexy shot of “Minna Daisuki” high-leg bikini in a DVD release countdown project

Gravure idol Aya Hazuki updated Twitter on Sunday, 27th. The countdown off shot of the latest DVD released on October 20 has been released.

[Photo]Aya Hazuki’s sexy high-leg bikini “I’m having trouble with my eyes”

Aya Hazuki will release her 19th DVD “Reversible” (Line Communications) on October 20th (Tuesday). Hazuki continues to carry out the daily off-shot series, which was a hot topic when the previous work was released. Hashtags such as “#Mayday Reversible” and “# 1 day 1 Aya-chan” are attached to show off the polished beauty body.

On the third day, the 27th (Sun), Twitter was updated with “Everyone loves high-leg bikini lol”. Wearing a V-shaped high-leg bikini, the cut with the waistline exposed from the bust was revealed.

In the post, there were voices such as “almost naked”, “god style”, “artwork like sculpture”, and “swimsuit that is difficult to see”.

In addition, on the 28th (Monday), a sexy shot of lying on the bed in a red swimsuit will be released, saying “The night bed scene on the DVD is sexy lol”. Expectations for DVDs are rising.

▽ Aya Hazuki
Instagram: ayaa0609

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